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Projet • By Cotaparedes ArquitectosMaisons privées

Casa V

The land is located in the limit of a closed condominium, with a height difference of 8 meters at the back, which allows us to release the views to the east of the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara.  To take advantage of the location, the plant plays a staggered, making the space to expand, as the visitor walks deeper into the house. A large window frames the horizon, but preserving privacy due to the change in ground level. Cesar Béjar In the middle of the field, a patio, which will become the heart of the house, articulates public and private areas, providing lighting and ventilation.  In the patio there is a body of water with a tree, which captures light from the south, through a kind of chimney that blends the... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 8 avr. 2022

Vertes Retreat by WOVEN Architecture and Design embraces the Sunshine Coast of Canada

Perched high above a pristine lake on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, the L-shaped form of this family retreat by WOVEN Architecture and Design appears to hug its rocky surroundings. Sama Jim Canzian One wing of the L-shape formation includes the Great Room, while the other two-storey wing houses a garage, media room, and bedrooms above.  Sama Jim Canzian In response to the northern rainforest climate, a large roof overhangs both the wings, providing generous covered outdoor space. Inside, skylights are present throughout the length of the interior circulation of both wings of the house while large openings frame views of the lake and the rocky landscape beyond.  Sama Jim Canzian Materials specifi... En savoir plus

Projet • By Prentiss Balance Wickline ArchitectsMaisons privées

Cortes Island Residence

The clients were looking for a house that would eventually become their fulltime residence but could also serve as a getaway, vacation and gathering place in the interim. Steve Keating Photography Located at the south end of Desolation Sound on Cortes Island, British Columbia, the site is formed of natural granite bedrock and contains a dramatic peninsula and cliff which serve as a windbreak for Cortes Bay as well as the Seattle and Vancouver yacht clubs. To the south, the house is exposed to the Straight of Georgia which delivers extremely high wind speeds and salt spray during winter storms. To withstand the high winds, the house structure is embedded into the bedrock with steel columns and exposed wood floor beams allowing the hous... En savoir plus

Projet • By Prentiss Balance Wickline ArchitectsMaisons privées

Capitol Hill Residence

With a compact form and several integrated sustainable systems, the Capitol Hill Residence achieves the client’s goals to maximize the site’s views and resources while responding to its micro climate. Some of the sustainable systems are architectural in nature. For example, the roof rainwater collects into a steel entry water feature, day light from a typical overcast Seattle sky penetrates deep into the house through a central translucent slot, and exterior mounted mechanical shades prevent excessive heat gain without sacrificing the view. Hidden systems affect the energy consumption of the house such as the buried geothermal wells and heat pumps that aid in both heating and cooling, and a 30 panel photovoltaic system mounted o... En savoir plus

Projet • By Prentiss Balance Wickline ArchitectsMaisons privées

Glen lake tower

High on a wooded hilltop above a lake in Michigan, the TowerHouse is the result of an inspiring collaboration betweenBalance Associates, clients with a passion for architecture aswell as their site, and a skilled local contractor.Directed to create “a sustainable retreat that refl ects thetimeless beauty and simple comforts of the area,” thearchitects responded by raising the primary living spaceabove the dense surrounding woods in order to gain light,air and views of Glen Lake and Lake Michigan beyond. Twofi n-like, metal-clad walls rise from the crown of the hill tosupport a 1400 sf three-story plywood box suspended a fullstory above grade. Steve Keating As intricately detailed steel stairs climb the tower, theymove from... En savoir plus

Projet • By bergmeisterwolf ArchitektenHôtels

grafted, hotel pfösl

Selected in a private-sector competition, the project involved the renovation, extension and construction of the new façade for the historical hotel building, along with three new chalets, conceived as a single large-scale ensemble in the midst of the countryside. As a new layer overlapped with an existing structure that has already developed multiple strata over the years, the project aimed to re-establish a unified appearance, conversing freely with the surrounding landscape and the three chalets in the woods. gustav willeit Inspired by a fragment from the wooden frame of the farm’s old barn, the new façade redefines the silhouette of the principal corpus and provides support for the new balconies, like a large s... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 23 sept. 2021

Atelier ST reinterprets Göttingen’s typical geometries into a modern form for the new Kunsthaus

Atelier ST aimed to embed the new building naturally into its historical setting and yet create a clearly recognizable house of arts. The monolithic facade, with only a few shimmering metallic openings, marks a contemporary venue. © Simone Bossi The architects used an all but forgotten technique - combed modeling plaster. The facade was carefully combed on each level to create irregular grooves in the soft mineral plaster. Each level has a slight cantilever to maximize floor space and resonate with the adjoining historical buildings. © Simone Bossi In spite of the cramped site, a column-free reinforced concrete structure resulted in a surprisingly spacious interior. Only a few windows offer views of the surroundings. R... En savoir plus

Projet • By Proctor & ShawAppartements

Marylebone Apartment

Les architectes Proctor & Shaw, basés dans le sud de Londres, ont terminé la rénovation intérieure complète d'un appartement situé dans un immeuble d'époque à Marylebone, à Londres. Le défi consistait à reconfigurer l'agencement inefficace d'une chambre à coucher et d'une salle de bains pour y intégrer deux chambres doubles, chacune avec sa propre salle de bains, ainsi qu'une cuisine, une salle à manger et un espace de vie ouverts et généreux. Ståle Eriksen "Le dernier étage du bâtiment existant a été reconstruit après avoir été endommagé par les bombardements... En savoir plus

Projet • By Architects of InventionAppartements


The proposed site is located within the newly designed masterplan of Rublyevo-Archangelskoe, a territory which occupies 461ha to the west of Moscow. It is a large-scale LEED ND certified project, with aspirations becoming a sustainable, high-tech and harmonious live-work city for business and families. Located on the greenbelt, adjacent to the Moskva river, it is an attractive location less than hour away from the city of Moscow.    The 640 residential unit building complex is comprised of a singular universal block, interconnected on two levels. It thereby suggests a permeable, notional, perimeter block. Each block is connected to the other as a bridge, which also produces a roof terrace on the free, upper surface of the block... En savoir plus

Projet • By asap/ adam sokol architecture practiceHôtels

The Emperor Hotel Qianmen

Once occupied by a public bath in Beijing, the site’s spirit of bathing lives on in the building’s new incarnation. The Emperor Hotel Qianmen, designed by ASAP/Adam Sokol Architecture Practice, offers a water-infused environment to create an unexpected and calming sensation for guests. The 80,000-square-foot hotel features a cantilevered rooftop pool, 49-foot-high interior rainfall, drip-down threaded floating plants, and underground waterfall and pool. The 65 guest rooms offer four sensuous experiences to provide a peaceful respite from the bustling energy of the city. The lower-level L’Occitane Spa affords guests a sanctuary for relaxation, while the rooftop hotel bar—one of the largest in Beiji... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerMaisons privées

House in the vineyards

The unique site of the house on a steep slope on the outskirts of Vienna captivates with a fantastic panoramic view over vineyards and local mountains to the Danube. With this in mind, we and the client pursued the goal of bringing this scenery into the house and making it a tangible experience.  Marc Lins Marc Lins Marc Lins A 36-meter-long glazed beam with an external graphite-grey steel structure floats 12 meters above the massive base, cantilevering freely. On the street side, the garage with storage and technical rooms is pushed into the slope. A staircase and an elevator provide access to the three floors. Taking the stairs, the wide overhang of the upper floor forms an inviting, covered entrance area that can als... En savoir plus

Projet • By project A.01 architects ZT GmbHMaisons privées

Residence Freundorf

Une résidence monolithique a été construite pour une jeune famille dans un village près de Vienne. Sur un terrain exposé à flanc de colline, le bâtiment résidentiel est isolé. L'objet sculptural est entouré d'un généreux jardin conçu par la société de paysagisme des propriétaires. Le grand jardin s'harmonise avec les champs environnants et le paysage naturel. L'idée était de créer une perception moins apparente du bâtiment et de l'espace jardin. Le jardin fait partie de la salle de séjour. Le corps principal du bâtiment se compose de deux éléments déplacés l'un par... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 30 avr. 2021

MAD Architects shapes seaside library like eroded stone

MAD Architects used what they call an "anti-material" approach to avoid expression of the structure. The fair-faced concrete of the sculptural library pavilion is interpreted by the architects as a liquid material to emphasize its flowing spatial experience. CreatAR Images The Cloudscape of Haikou is the first of sixteen coastal pavilions to rejuvenate the historic port city of Haikou, located on the most southern tip of China. The building contains a bookstore and public amenities.  Archexist The library and reading spaces, capable of holding 10,000 books, are located on the south side. A café, public restrooms, restrooms, a nursery room, a public rest area, and a roof garden on the north.  Archexist Doub... En savoir plus

Projet • By SELIM SENINMaisons privées

Villa Harald

The project is located in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, an east African country. We were asked to design a ground+1 floor villa on a land area of approximately 1000 square meters.While designing the villa, the car parking area was created at the corner by taking the vehicle entrance from the corner on the road front in order to maximize the front yard. According to this corner parking area, the entrance facade of the building was designed with 4 units as 1.5-meter following the masses each others.These 4-unit masses, which have a fragmented architecture on the entrance facade, are connected to each other by the ceiling slab canopy of the mass, providing architectural integrity in 4 mass spaces.In the facade on the garden side, the eaves o... En savoir plus

Projet • By Design Unit Architects Sdn BhdMaisons privées

Cantilever House

Le site en pente raide de cette maison de 7000 pieds carrés, orienté approximativement est-ouest, descend de 11,5 mètres de la route à l'arrière avec des vues sur la forêt tropicale à l'est de cette maison de 7000 pieds carrés. La maison est conçue pour " flotter " au-dessus du site - en le touchant légèrement, et en laissant la pente naturelle subsister, ce qui nous sensibilise et nous informe sur les contours naturels du site.   Elle se compose de deux structures indépendantes : un bloc de deux étages pour le séjour et les chambres à coucher, construit en acier structurel apparent et soutenu par une "forêt" de colonnes espa... En savoir plus