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Projet • By Dazhou And AssociatesMagasins

Corner pavilion

Corner Pavilion is located on a pedestrian street by the West Lake in Hangzhou. It is a small building designed by Dazhou And Associates commissioned by the coffee brand M Stand. The street is crowded with people, and the site which is less than 100 meters from the West Lake, is defined out by three ginkgo trees. Wen Studio Sculpture and Support With three simple geometries supporting the heavy metal roof volume, the building stands like a sculpture on a busy street. It opens up in all directions, so that there is no obstruction at eye level except for the necessary structure, and you can look at it and then through it. Wen Studio Shelter and Platform We want it to be a space to enter and to stay. During the design process, we... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dazhou And AssociatesMagasins

M Pavilion

M Pavilion is located in the lobby of an office building in Xuhui District, Shanghai, a coffee shop design commissioned by the Chinese famous coffee brand M Stand. In order not to disturb the daily operations of the building, we proposed two strategies at the beginning of the design process: a rapid construction and a light touch to the site. Then a delicate and decent scaffolding pavilion came into being. Fangfang Tian A Light Box  Be light. We hope to bring relaxation and joy to people in a rigorous working atmosphere through a light form. The heavy volume above is in sharp contrast with the slender structure components, and the translucent skin attracts people to walk in. Slightly cantilevered floor makes the light-filled box... En savoir plus

Projet • By hcreatesMagasins

Paw Day Flagship Retail

In a city of animal lovers, leading Chinese pet nutrition company Peidi has created a community home for pet lovers in Shanghai. The flagship retail space, Paw Day encompasses a pet spa, salon, fresh food, daycare, hotel, an outdoor activity zone, dog swimming pool and a coffee shop. The fun-loving brand was visualized with cute icons and strong colours appealing to a youthful and young audience. The interior design needed to reflect this fun and playful nature but with a premium edge which reflected the brand and the audience. Brian Chua Located on the popular West Bund, the facility is situated within an open-air complex. A minimal, sophisticated black and cream façade outlines the main entry and large folding windows that fa... En savoir plus

Projet • By ArchiGuruRestaurants

Pinche Cafe

Pinche Gringo BBQ is a restaurant that serves authentic American barbecue.  Located inside a giant warehouse, it hosts weekly concerts, community events, and broadcasts a variety of sports matches.  The restaurant has been in operation for over a year, in a neighborhood that is rapidly developing with new residential and commercial projects.  To help prepare for this new influx of patrons a series of ventures have been proposed to further expand existing food services.  To meet the demands of the customers, one of the first projects built was a new café inside the warehouse. Caption Caption For the new location of the café the route to the bathroom was redirected from the original position.  ... En savoir plus

Projet • By Karv One DesignCentres d'exposition


For the Generation Z, young people has built a new consumption era with their highly personalized enthusiasm. Karv One Design parses them as "the Generation Undefined ". We take "Jinling Star Map CULTURE HUB" as the theme, to combine with the new commercial scene of "day coffee night wine", and the mysterious planet as a visual memory point in space,which has presented a 24-hour neighborhood map of the younger generation. Combining the urban culture with the vitality of the Sunac community, we have planned an exploration line to create a new type of urban commercial unit, making it an active experience. Caption   Caption There is a display cabinet next to the bar for coffeeholics to shop the coffee products . All equipment... En savoir plus

Projet • By All Design StudioBars

La Cour Bar

Yuuuunstudio Yuuuunstudio In the post-epidemic era, our lives seem to be fast-forwarded. Given the uncertainty over the future, we are accustomed to fighting against time. Our lives have become more dynamic under this circumstance. As designers, we wonder if the city or life in this era can be cleaner, quieter, friendlier, and greener, which can bring a special comfort zone for everyone. Caption Caption Caption Caption The word “La cour” is originally from French and means backyard in Chinese. The backyard is treated as an intimate place in our minds---a place to relax and relieve. We hope everyone can take a break in this backyard after an exhausting day.  Yuuuunstudio Yuuuunstudio... En savoir plus

Projet • By BÜRO KLKRestaurants

Goldener Papagei

Belgrade. When Zlatni Papagaj („Golden Parrot“) – the first all’italiana coffee bar in the city – opened its doors in 1979, its great success began to pave the way for Italian coffee culture and lifestyle in the former federal capital of Yugoslavia.   David Schreyer David Schreyer Following many examples in Trieste, the interior was reduced to the essentials — only a single bar made of metal stands out as the centerpiece of the venue: the coffee machine. Seating areas were left out completely. Almost four decades later, Nathan Spacić – son of the original founder – is paying tribute to the place that was a symbol of lightness and joy of life for its guests, by realizing his v... En savoir plus

Projet • By LXABars

Jones the Grocer - West Palm Beach

Creating a further twist on the Jones the Grocer design language. Bright and airy, but still able to transform by night to a more intimate venue. The space is essentially split into two sides, with a relaxed coffee shop for shorter stays on one, with a bar and woodfired pizza restaurant on the opposite. Full glazing on most elevations give fantastic views to the beach side location, the perfect spot for a sundowner. On the café side an impressive overhead structure ‘contains’ the oversized brass dome lights, a concrete counter creates a buzzing atmosphere within the space while light timbers are used throughout. The opposite side of the venue housed the woodfired pizza oven and bar. Similar copper finishes are used throug... En savoir plus

Projet • By AshariArchitectsStands de vélos

Urban Bridge

Urban Bridge is a proposal for designing a new bridge connecting two significant parts of Isfahan city. Isfahan being both the capital city of Iran and its growth into Zayandehrud, the largest river of the Iranian Plateau, multiple bridges were built in this area in the past, all of which served as socializing places and cultural hubs for Iranians and visitors alike. These bridges were originally designed to connect two or more cities or villages. Still, new uses have been integrated to create a proper context for social interactions in addition to creating a link between the Zayandeh River's two sides. Due to the rising need for vehicle traffic in the recent years and the transformation of urban spaces, the spatial quality of bridges began... En savoir plus

Projet • By ZN DesignSalles d'exposition

HuaManLi Life Hall

Huamanli Life Hall reinterprets the brilliance and mellowness of the Renaissance with contemporary design language. Looking for a spirit of freedom that transcends time and space, it creates a diversified social contemporary lifestyle experience place. The layout of an European church style is injected into the design. Along the north-south axis, a shared front hall, a middle hall and a rear hall, like the main area of the church, are created. Caption With coffee culture as the design element, the essence of Renaissance humanism art is integrated into the space language without losing the daily relaxed atmosphere. From the beginning of design, designers have tried to create a public, open, and equal space in addition to the usual disp... En savoir plus

Projet • By Karv One DesignCentres communautaires


As an inseparable part of modern urban life, sports are undoubtedly an important expression of people's pursuit of high-quality lifestyles. Sports culture has therefore become a new exploration for brands and designs to break traditional boundaries and update the space experience.  King Ou / Neon Wang Focusing on the space concept of “Park is Community”, Karv One Design and Shenzhen Vanke started from the exterior facade design inspired by baseball elements, and carried out a full-plan design. To integrate sports social activities, installation art and café into the 4000 m² of park life, the space delivers the beauty of life in the name of sports.  King Ou / Neon Wang King Ou / Neon Wang The enti... En savoir plus

Projet • By Phoenix WharfMagasins

Better Food

Bristol-based hospitality and retail designers Phoenix Wharf have just completed a new store and café-deli for local ethical foodie heroes ‘Better Food’, who first set up their independent organic, local and ethical food business 30 years ago, starting out supplying veg boxes in the city. The business, which employs over 100 people passionate about food, health, the planet and its customers, has now opened its fourth store - a new 3,000 sq ft combined retail outlet and café-deli on Bristol’s lively Gloucester Road – the UK’s longest road of independent stores. Phoenix Wharf, a locally-based design agency passionate both about sustainability and helping local businesses to flourish, was the perfec... En savoir plus

Projet • By ARCHFORMRestaurants


The cafe is located on the second floor of the departure hall of Chisinau International Airport. The café hall is divided into several zones and, additionally, includes an ice-cream parlor and a children's playground.There is a Bar area in the center of the café. It includes four cash counters and a mini-bakery. The zone is designed for quick service of a large number of visitors. The cafe zone is highlighted by an accent luminaire, which can serve as a reference point. It attracts the attention of passengers and is visually readable from any point on the second and first floors. Area: 575 m2 Photographer: Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Caption   En savoir plus

Projet • By disc architectsRestaurants

Chabahar Beach Cafe

Principal Architect: Moein NikaeenLead Architect: Behnam DaliliArchitect in charge: Bita Rezaee3d Visualization: Saeid Yousefvand- Ehsan DanandehDiagram: Mohammad MirzaieSpecial Thanks To Our Partner “Farid Behtash” for his supportClient: private Caption This project was referred to our office for reconstruction and renovation. It is located in Lipar region of Chabahar city. Caption After studying the context and social matters, we found that the project has separated itself from the plaza in front of it and it has been placed in the land like an unresolved event. This made it so difficult to find a connection between the context and the built part of it. Caption Here we decided to start the design process by e... En savoir plus

Projet • By Banker WireBureaux

Corporate Office Cafe

In designing a prominent corporate office located in Chicago, Illinois, IA Interior Architects created “The Halo” in the building’s café and barista area, incorporating an elegant focal piece to the space. The lighting fixture is crafted from Banker Wire’s woven wire mesh pattern IPZ-25 with a stainless steel and bronze finish. This blend of alloys gave the designers a color that complimented the miscellaneous materials used throughout the design, contributing to the classic atmosphere. “Creating a timeless environment was the most essential goal for the project,” says John Hopkins, Design Director, IA Interior Architects. “We found a vast array of products, patterns and finishes from Banker... En savoir plus