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Produit • By FabriTRAK®FabriSPAN®


Custom line of wide width and ultra-wide width fabrics FabriSPAN® offers a selection of fabrics designed to work with wall and ceiling trak profiles and infill to create the best sound solution for any interior space. FabriSPAN® wide width (10') and ultra-wide width (16') fabrics eliminate distracting horizontal seams on interior walls and ceilings. FabriSPAN® fabrics have passed through rigorous fire and acoustic testing. Our fabrics included in the FabriTRAK® or GeoTRAK® System (trak, infill, fabric) achieve high NRC values. FabriPRINT™ is a unique product that combines acoustic performance and artistic imagery, transforming a wall or ceiling into a work of art. Our fabrics can be custom dyed at 10' - allowing... En savoir plus

Projet • By Mega Supply ProAppartements

The Irvine

The Irvine building isn't a typical high-rise with marble floors and gleaming cookie cutter apartments. Its history goes back over 100 years, functioning first as a warehouse, in 2018 it's been completely reimagined and with Mega Supply Pro's help renovated into an authentic contemporary West Philadelphia living experience. Caption The 150 units feature large living spaces that provide the perfect palette to express a unique urban style anyone could be proud of. To facilitate this transformation Mega Supply Pro manufactured a series of custom aluminum windows with stylish roller shades that add light and expanse to any space. Interiors also include deluxe-sized closets with customizable mill work and hanging racks, as well as modern c... En savoir plus

Projet • By Rosstang ArchitectsMaisons privées

The Tardis

We were presented with a run-down single fronted south facing terrace, to create a home for a single occupant on a low budget. The brief was simple: 2 front rooms, one of which would be a bedroom. The rest of the house was to be kitchen, living and eating areas, a space for a car at the rear, and a bathroom.   The restricted house needed space, light, volume, longevity and strength.   We wanted to make the home feel unexpectedly spacious and bright. This has been achieved through;1. permitting light to enter from lots of different directions, from the roof, the north, the south and the east 2. inserting a central courtyard, which in time will be leafy and green, and which benefits three spaces in the home 3. creating high ce... En savoir plus

Projet • By Kenzo Makino & AssociatesUsines

Matsui Archmetal Maizuru Factory

Kenzo Makino & Associates’ steel roofing factory in Kyoto showcases the company's diverse products on its eight monitor roofs with various textures.   For the relocation and expansion of galvanized steel roofing factory in the harbor of Northern Kyoto, programs such as exhibition space and a factory tour route are incorporated into its production space and a sales office. This new factory’s roofs and walls are made of building materials manufactured or handled by the company, as if it replicated itself on its own. Standing just 500 m away from the coastline, the factory shows its weathering quality over years, like product samples, exposed against salty sea breeze.   Along with economic efficiency under strict... En savoir plus

Projet • By Deepak HiremathLogement

House By The Lake

The site is in Khandala, Alibaug district. A rocky east-facing slope, growing forest trees, descends to the vast lake. The house is designed as a place to meet and spend time together for a multigenerational family. The plan investigates how architecture can be actively used by the inhabitants to moderate between a collective experience and individual privacy. As the home owners like to entertain, a separate building houses a space for entertainment and parties, and a swimming pool lets people cool off on a hot day and also merges with the lake to create a infinity pool effect. Off the living/dining room is a pergola that follows the steel grid lines of the roof, creating the feeling that the house extends itself, mixing outdoor and indoo... En savoir plus

Projet • By bureau^probertsMaisons privées

Albert Villa

La maison d'un ouvrier classée au patrimoine de la banlieue de Petrie Terrace, dans le centre de Brisbane, a représenté un défi irrésistible pour le directeur du bureau, Terry McQuillan, et sa femme Charlie, architecte d'intérieur. Un petit terrain en pente raide, un plan compact et des difficultés de construction dues à l'âge et à l'emplacement de la maison n'ont pas empêché les deux hommes d'imaginer.   "Nous voulions créer une maison contemporaine qui non seulement surmonte les limites du site, mais aussi libère son potentiel", explique Terry.   Le cottage est affectueusement appelé Albert Villa, en hommage à son co... En savoir plus

Projet • By Abramson ArchitectsLogement

Cohen Residence

With an established Hollywood career and a busy family, Etan Cohen looked to create a space that served both as a creative home office and as a playful refuge for his wife and kids. Author of screenplays for Tropic Thunder, Madagascar, and Get Hard, Cohen’s comedic and approachable personality served as inspiration for the design team. Upon entry, one is greeted by an impressive three-story atrium, accented by steel-framed glass floors and topped with pitched roof ceilings. A living tree is stationed on the ground level, sprouting up through the multi-tier stairwell. The space is configured as a loft-like modern treehouse with an inverted floorplan, positioning the primary living spaces on the top floor for maximum light exposure.... En savoir plus

Projet • By Hooba Design GroupBureaux

Kohan Ceram Central Office Building

Est-il possible d'unifier le paysage urbain en minimisant l'expression formelle des bâtiments en tant qu'objets singuliers et en mettant l'accent sur la ville dans son ensemble ? L'unification des différents éléments du bâtiment, y compris les murs, les fenêtres, les portes, etc., ainsi que la réduction de la variété des matériaux de construction pourraient d'une manière ou d'une autre répondre à ces questions.   Le projet a été conçu comme le siège de la société KohanCeram Brick ManufacturingCompany. Tout en préservant la structure en béton existante, il a été décid&eacu... En savoir plus

Projet • By Estudio CavernasCentre de Visiteurs

Koh Kong Mangrove Lodging

Koh Kong, a peninsula in the Gulf of Thailand and part of Cambodia’s 450-kilometre coastline, features a number of closely interrelated ecosystems. Expansive mangrove forests carve out small islands, waterways, and ecologically diverse estuaries along the coast, creating a vital and fragile ecosystem which local communities rely on for their livelihoods. In recent decades, economic development in the country, characterized by widespread natural resource exploitation, has devastated Koh Kong’s wildlife and has marginalized local communities from the forests, fisheries, and arable areas which they need to live and thrive. Koh Kong Mangrove Lodging provides an alternative model of development, one that is rooted in the preservatio... En savoir plus

Projet • By Foster + PartnersAppartements

Chesa Futura

ChesaFutura ("maison du futur" en romanche) associe des outils de conception informatique de pointe à des techniques de construction séculaires pour créer un immeuble d'appartements respectueux de l'environnement. Bien que sa forme soit nouvelle, il est encadré et revêtu de bois - l'un des matériaux de construction les plus anciens et les plus durables. En Suisse, la construction en bois est particulièrement appropriée dans la mesure où elle suit des traditions développées et affinées au fil des siècles. Les bardeaux de mélèze du bâtiment réagissent naturellement à l'exposition aux éléments, changeant de... En savoir plus

Projet • By L&L Luce&LightTerrains de jeux

Dune Square Playground

Dans le complexe résidentiel Malaya Ordynka à Moscou, un terrain de jeu de 100 m² appelé « Dune Square » a récemment été achevé. Le cabinet d'architecture Bureau Druzhba a tenu compte pour ce projet des principes clés de la conception d'espaces adaptés aux enfants, développés à partir de recherches psychologiques et médicales. En effet, en plus des jeux classiques tels que la balançoire, le bac à sable et le toboggan, on trouve dans l’aire de jeux des objets abstraits, difficiles à identifier et polyvalents - un sous-marin ? des tanières d'animaux ? - qui n'imposent pas de thème précis a... En savoir plus

Projet • By Giuseppe ParisiMaisons privées

Relax House

The Relax House is located on a flat site with a view on the Norwegian Fjords. It captures different portions of context and grant a different vision of living. The volume with a cross plan defines as a new landscape. Each "cell" revolves around a central pivot. The plan generates an intimate spatiality with an unusual approach.   The central body is surrounded by full-height wooden cabinets, these become partitions. A continuous play of lights and shadows is generated by the large windows and eyes created in the attics, like a construct created by the fruits of space looking at the sky from the inside. The house is reduced to the overlap of elementary forms and to a basic conception of the use of building materials. The structure is... En savoir plus

Projet • By lightsphere GmbHBureaux

Givaudan Office Building 1246

On-site of the former Maggi factory in Kemptthal, a working cluster with 200 workplaces was built in an existing historical building.   The three-double height storeys with partially existing galleries, were converted into structured cluster offices. A two-storey extension accommodates the cafeteria and two orangeries, used as meeting places and executive floor. A specific cluster office concept with acoustic lighting was developed.   Pendant luminaires equipped with tunable white light, provide general lighting for the office areas.For an optimized use of the structure, a sculptural staircase was implemented to connect all floors. Additional to the consultants for the acoustic general lighting setup, the lighting designer inv... En savoir plus

Projet • By Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design InstituteMaisons privées

Greenlight Manor

JGMA a été engagé par la société John Buck pour concevoir une tour d'appartements résidentielle qui représenterait l'antithèse de la surabondance de tours d'appartements actuellement en construction ou récemment ouvertes dans la ville de Chicago. Cette tour s'adresse spécifiquement au public de la haute technologie qui se déplace vers la ville en raison de la récente relocalisation des entreprises de haute technologie à Chicago. La tour, parmi beaucoup d'autres choses, offre au public des hautes technologies la possibilité de vivre dans une capacité qui correspond à leur style de vie atypique.   L'image de marque du bâ... En savoir plus

Projet • By Amrish Maharaj ArchitectMaisons privées

3R House

The owners of this Erskineville cottage bought and lived in the modest two-bedroom home for 10 years, starting a family before being hit with a devastating diagnosis.   Now rebuilding, the family wishes to move back in to their home to create new, happy memories.   The principles of the brief developed into a new take on the 3R’s - Renovate, Renew and Restart.   Driven by a restricted budget, we worked closely with council, and a builder to develop a simple strategy that minimises excessive structure, and presents economical building materials in a contemporary way. En savoir plus