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Projet • By townlandPlans directeurs

Master Plan Mumbai Port Complex

Townland Consultants was shortlisted as one of 3 finalists in the International Design Competition for the Detailed Master Planning of the soon to be redeveloped Mumbai Port Waterfront District. As a central Master Plan Theme for the redevelopment of the Mumbai Port Area, Townland selected “The Connected City”. Mumbai should be better connected spatially, socio-economically and virtually in order to become the World class City it wants to be. The opportunity to redevelop the entire Mumbai Port Complex and to open up the city to its harbor front will change the identity of the entire city and its potential impact for Mumbai’s residents could not be underestimated. Townland’s Master Plan Vision revolved around the concept of creating a... En savoir plus

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Master Plan Wadala Central Business District

After 4 years, Townland Consultants completed work on the Detailed Master Plan for Mumbai’s next Central Business District in Wadala, in the heart of the Maximum City. The authorities officially approved the Master Plan in 2018. The Client – the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority - will be at the helm of this 156 ha brownfield site transformation into a Mixed Use CBD with more than 4 million sqm of offices, retail, leisure, hospitality, apartments and civic facilities. The Master Plan for the Wadala CBD has been planned as India’s first large scale Transit Oriented Development, with three monorail stations, two metro stations and a large intra and intercity bus station. In a city burdened with heavily congested roads and overc... En savoir plus