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Projet • By studio AEIOULogement


The building modifications respect to the maximum extent the character of the First Republic house, originally designed with small flats (1936). New interventions and materials underline its period values. The design repeats straight and rounded lines, original materials such as terrazzo, parquet floors and metal railings. The new functional use envisages the location of offices and facilities on the ground floor of the house. Caption Caption Caption The layout here is based on one open space, divided by the inserted volumes. Each has a different functional content (call room, kitchen, cloakroom, toilet, storage). The layout with separate kitchens and sanitary facilities allows you to rent the space as another office if the... En savoir plus

Projet • By studio AEIOUAppartements


The construction plan dealt with layout changes and interior design in a duplex apartment in a new apartment building. The original layout included a living room with kitchen, a dining area on the lower floor and three bedrooms in the attic with a generous terrace. The original solution from the developer did not suit the clients, in addition, they demanded to place the main social space in the attic to the terrace. From the original design, only the staircase remained, everything else was rearranged. The corridors were eliminated, two comfortable bathrooms were designed, and the entire upper floor was rearranged so that all rooms had access to the terrace. The staircase, as a wooden element, opens directly into the living room and its morp... En savoir plus

Projet • By studio AEIOULogement


The reconstruction includes building modifications and the overall modernization of a historic house built in the 1930s. Emphasis is placed on a new layout that meets the requirements of a modern family of four and with the possibility of a multi-generational layout in the future. The main modifications are to move the bedroom to the annex of the house, which is in a quiet garden courtyard, and to connect the two living rooms into one generous one. Caption Caption Caption This creates a large social space across the house with a kitchen, dining area, relaxation respirator and living room, connecting garden and street life. In addition, this space is complemented by a new cubic volume with hygienic and technical facilities, w... En savoir plus

Projet • By studio AEIOUAppartements


The building modifications consisted in the removal of vertical non-load-bearing structures and the design of a completely new layout. The diagonal layout changed the apartment from 4 + 1 to 4 + kk with rooms with separate entrances, while their location and orientation achieved greater efficiency in space. The apartment in a residential building in the spirit of socialist realism is designed from a combined load-bearing system, namely from reinforced concrete pillars, girders and brickwork. The reconstruction therefore focused on exposing the original load-bearing structure and coloring it with various shades. Caption Caption Another task was the maximum use of all spaces with respect to the requirements of the investor. The cen... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 10 juin 2021

Chybik + Kristof Architects preserve Brutalist architectural heritage while advocating for positive social change through their redesign of the Zvonarka Central Bus Terminal

In Brno, Czech Republic, Chybik + Kristof Architects have completed the redesign of Zvonarka Central Bus Terminal. The project saw the architects actively engage in preserving the existing Brutalist structure – a steel supporting frame and concrete roof – and its original identity, preserving and reflecting an important part of the city’s architectural identity. Alex Shoots Buildings Stressing the station’s central role in the city and the region’s sociocultural fabric, the project is further a rethink of a decaying transportation hub and public space, adapting and responding to current social needs. Caption Constructed in 1988, Brno’s Zvonarka Central Bus Terminal has long been considered one... En savoir plus

Projet • By LIKO-SBureaux

IDEAL-Trade Service Brno

From outside... The gray envelope of the facade panels in the street, where there are mainly companies and car showrooms, fits in with the others. At first glance, however, it differs by its dark framed horizontal windows, which thus refer to the most famous, functionalist period of the city of Brno. With a little imagination, you can see the outlines of the famous Villa Savoy, an icon of the period. And thanks to these wide strip windows, there is enough light inside for all the offices in the administrative part of the building. The two-storey administrative building itself is supplemented to the rear by a production, development, and storage facility. An important element of the exterior, which is not visible from the street, at first... En savoir plus

Projet • By DKarchitekti, s.r.o.Gares

Hall of daily treatment DEPO Brno

Investor: Brno Public Transport Company Location: Czech Republic, Brno-Pisárky, Hlinky Street Author: DKARCHITEKTI (David Kudla, Tomáš Fries, Filip Malý) Building layout: 117 × 14.5 m, height 10.5 m, Window size: 5.6 × 23.6 m Built-up area: 1,612 sqm Total area of interest on the premises: 6,650 sqm Tracks area: 12,730 sqm Design: 2017 Construction: 2018–2020   Introduction: A new tram maintenance depot was built in Brno-Pisárky. The architects DKARCHITEKTI gave the building a highly distinctive look and also the technical solution is very unique – it goes beyond what we imagine under the terms "hall" or "depot". The distinctive facade panel segmentation was optimis... En savoir plus


Mendel's greenhouse

Nested in the 14th-century Augustinian monastery’s gardens, the original building was swept away by a storm in the 1870s, leaving to this day only its foundations. Building on the latter, the architects revisit the structure and, in commemoration of Mendel’s birth 200 years ago, will return the historically significant site to Brno’s old city in 2022.  Located in the heart of the town, St. Augustin Abbey houses the remains of the greenhouse where Gregor Mendel, an Augustinian friar at the adjacent monastery, spent eight seasons, from 1856 to 1863, cultivating and breeding pea plants in his endeavor to uncover the biological mechanism through which physical traits are passed down from one generation to the next. B... En savoir plus

Projet • By archislužba.czCimetières

Funeral hall in Valmez

A new funeral hall is placed in the cemetery grounds at the edge of the town of Valašské Meziříčí.The architectural competition took place in spring 2014 with about 60 participants. The task was to design a new building of a funeral hall for 200 people along with columbaria, scattering garden and adaptation of space of the main cemetery entrance. Our winning project covered all the required elements into the one composed unit – ceremonial district.This ceremonial district is a clearly defined space element with a strong symbolic importance. A ritual meaning of the place is accented by an ascending axis symbolizing the last journey. This path is lined by trees and divided regularly – as well as the human life – by the regularly set stairs. T... En savoir plus

Projet • By Studio PerspektivBureaux


FUNTASTY, a mobile app development company from Brno, Czech Republic, has just made itself at home in a unique conversion of a former parking garage. The new work environment serving forty-two developers, coders and designers was brought to life by Studio Perspektiv. Dozens of cars cruising the garage every day have given way to a full-fledged office without compromises. By completion of this generously equipped office a much larger company could brag about, FUNTASTY achieved the necessary freedom, flexibility and opportunity to throw social events and gatherings in a spacious social zone richly supported by the community kitchen overlooking Kounicova Street. Studio Perspektiv decided to incorporate certain aspects of the rather p... En savoir plus

Projet • By BoysPlayNiceBureaux


The Distillery - Social Reactor is a self-initiated re-adaptation project of an inactive Distillery factory into a multi-functional center for cultural events and work-spaces.Project website: www.socialreactor.euArchitect: KOGAA StudioWebsite: www.kogaa.euContact e-mail: office@kogaa.euProject location: Brno, Czech RepublicClient: Social ReactorProject year: 2016-2018Completion year: 2018Project size: 650 m2Site size: 370 m2Photo credits: BoysPlayNicePhotographer’s website: www.boysplaynice.comThe project is the first prototype of Social Reactor, KOGAA’ s slow development lab tackling the problematic of inactive structures and their adaptation into substitute functions.Within the context of a post-industrial city with a strong past in... En savoir plus


Pavilion of Humanity in Brno

Moravské Náměstí is a busy square in the centre of Brno, and a vibrant center of Brno’s social life. As it lies right on the Brno ring road boulevard, inspired by the Ringstraße in Vienna, thousands of people walk and drive through it every day. Few of them, however, realize the historical complexity of the spacious area, which used to be part of the city’s fortification system from 1243, a Nazi center during the war, and memorial sites . Last summer, the square gained another historical chapter when it was temporarily redesigned by the Brno architecture studio CHYBIK + KRISTOF, to hold the needs of the multigenre festival “Meeting Brno.” The festival’s theme was the notion of European unity, as it is currently greatly endang... En savoir plus