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Projet • By CLAB architetturaAppartements


The intervention focused on a renovation of a 70's house in a suburban area of Verona. The design goal is to redefine the main spaces with a unique element that keep continuity between the entrance and the living space and became at the same time the focus of the living room with a fireplace. Caption Caption   En savoir plus

Projet • By BIEN STUDIOAppartements


The 100m2 penthouse located in the centre of Poznan is in dominant black. The functionality of the design comes from an open living room with a kitchen as a central place. Other rooms are: a study room with a library, a bedroom with a wardrobe and a full bathroom, and the guest bathroom outside the private bedroom area. Every room is accessed from a corridor with linear lighting, and walls upholstered in natural black wool that makes the space friendly. There is marble used in the bathrooms offering the interior a wealth of elegance and making it a timeless treasure. Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek   En savoir plus

Projet • By LIKO-SBureaux

Trade Fides

Reconstruction of history They do not always build offices in new modern administrative buildings with doubled floor and modular layout system. Sometimes, the company decides to stay in their long-term headquarters and renovate it. Even if it has some bad predisposition and restrictions, but also it’s own Genium loci and history. This was the case of the Trade Fides technological company, which is a specialist on safety systems and IT technology. It has been based in the wider center of Brno, which transforms into a modern administrative city center. They decided to insert modern offices into the existing building. Caption Modern environment in historic object New spaces located on the ground floor of a two-storey building fro... En savoir plus

Projet • By Spark ChicagoBureaux


CDW is a leading technology solutions provider to business, government, education and healthcare customers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. Digital technology and connectivity inspire the brand treatment throughout the 8-story campus, celebrating CDW’s history, innovative technical solutions and culture. En savoir plus

Projet • By IN-EXPATAppartements

Bukit Panjang Apartment

While different in personalities, the two brothers share a preference for a minimalist home with distinct elements. For the design of this 400m2 5-room resale apartment in Singapore, we proposed the use of the colour black as a thematic element given its toned-down masculine and modern qualities. The colour is strategically balanced with other contrasting blocks of colour such as blues and browns to break up the otherwise claustrophobic effect, creating spatial highlights against the overall neutral backdrop. Minimalist yet sensuous, the design also addresses the homeowners’ storage needs and aesthetic tastes without feeling too confined. For one of the brothers who is passionate about cooking, additional storage spaces were created t... En savoir plus

Projet • By LIKO-SAteliers

Zlin Film Studio

We often encounter mobile walls in office spaces, where they usually divide one large meeting room into two smaller ones. It is no exception to use in conference rooms of hotels and others. However, their functionality can be used in other operations as well. For example in film studios.   In the Czech Republic, the historically significant Zlín Film Studios, where fantasy movies by Karel Zeman were made in the 1950s and 1960s (director of the films "The Deadly Invention" and "Baron Munchausen") underwent a significant reconstruction. This created a multifunctional studio with an area of more than 300 m2. For maximum use and flexibility of space, black mobile walls serve. These ensure not only optical, but also perfect acousti... En savoir plus

Projet • By Interior Design LaboratoriumMagasins

Phat Soles

Phat Soles, 2017 The space looks more like a theater stage than an ordinary sneaker store. Intense scenic details give a mysterious feeling in an environment where the special, colorful designs of the sneakers star. Theatrical lighting and strategically placed mirrors were key elements of the design, with the result that the images were constantly changing. Cash registers, rehearsal rooms, secret rooms with limited sneakers designs are changing, revealing new spaces behind the strict metal grid, which functions as the stage of a show. Specially designed columns of black sandblasted fir wood are placed in the heart of the store, allowing the sneakers to change position depending on the mood and the different events. At the same time, the... En savoir plus

Projet • By Paliychuk Olga DesignAppartements

Т4 apartment

L'appartement T4 est un appartement de 156 m² situé dans une partie calme du centre historique de Kiev.   La tâche principale du réaménagement était de créer des pièces spacieuses et un espace ouvert allant du couloir à la cuisine et au salon.   Il a été facile de retrouver un langage commun avec les clients, de sorte que l'image du futur intérieur qui est apparue lors des premières réunions a été mise en œuvre presque sans changement. En se basant sur les caractéristiques de l'espace et le style de vie des clients, on a créé un intérieur minimaliste avec des éléments lumi... En savoir plus

Projet • By VIMARVIMaisons privées

Stone Box _ Cenador en Valencia

Stone Box was designed to resolve the issues of an exterior space in a large house that had fallen in disuse. As always occurs in large gardens, they are not useful if they cannot be fully enjoyed day to day. For this reason within the first visit the client confided in us to create a connection space that organizes the garden giving it vitality and functionality that up to the moment it didn’t possess. To achieve this, it’s thought in an opened-closed object, without renouncing the warmth and functionality of the interior spaces, even though being on the exterior. The idea that the object can be closed or opened depending on the moment seemed like an interesting idea and a very ideal given the position it has. This two premi... En savoir plus

Projet • By marasovic arhitektiAppartements


This project is part of a wider ongoing renovation process of an historical stone house, located in the old town of Koper. House V consists of three apartments that we have named V1, V2 and V3. With a living space of only 35m2, and just one window, V1 was the first to be completed. Due to its location on the ground floor and narrow shape, we divided the apartment into two parts according to the daylight and privacy required. The bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe are pushed to the back, while the kitchen, dining and living area adjoin the window. The divisory wall between the bedroom and the rest of the apartment is designed to provide natural light at the back of the apartment while at the same time, blocking the view from the street. The in... En savoir plus

Projet • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignCentres sportifs

Modern Ladies' Spa and Fintess Center Design

This Modern Ladies’ Spa and Fitness Center Design in Hail, Saudi Arabia, epitomizes the privacy of its users first and foremost. It is a one-story building with a perforated mesh exterior that retains the simplicity of the façade concept while adding depth and personality to an otherwise unadorned elevation. The gorgeous lighting of the nightscape elevates the presence of the design, especially during the night.  En savoir plus

Projet • By 2prostoryAppartements


Apartment - Mnisek Pod Brdy Project Year : 2019 Location: 252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy, Czechia Published by: 2prostory   En savoir plus

Projet • By lamatildeAppartements


Casa TRBC was designed as a continuous interior: a single space broken up only by functional rhythm, in which living area and sleeping area merge into each other with no obstacles to overcome. The most distinctive visual element in the project is the custom wood paneling that covers the reinforced concrete walls and highlights the continuity of the space. Added to the wall that divides the central part of the house, it transforms its limitations into opportunities: isolating the sleeping area with a large sliding door and hiding the kitchen, it amps up the living area’s flexibility. The bathroom is separated into stations, and in its new “exploded” layout the shower stall – brought closest to the sleeping area &ndas... En savoir plus

Projet • By MUS ARCHITECTSBureaux

Pivexin Technology HQ - office building and wareh

The aim of the project was to develop a comprehensive vision of the new headquarters of Pivexin Technology. MUS ARCHITECTS, T.Zakrzewski The designed space consists of an office building with social facilities, a warehouse and the land around the buildings including a driveway, parking area and decorative greenery. MUS ARCHITECTS, T.Zakrzewski ARCHITECTURAL COMPOSITION Although the office building and the warehouse serve different functions, they needed to be connected to each other (due to the company’s activity). Therefore, we have merged the structures of both buildings and created a coherent and functional system of independent elements – one cuboidal block that includes different types of spaces. The outer ski... En savoir plus

Projet • By MYKILOSMaisons privées

DB Kitchen

For an apartment in Hamburg, we were asked to design the kitchen and bathrooms to align with its elegant interior.Highlighted by a harmonic selection of materials, the DB Kitchen comprises beautiful slate stone units and a kitchen island with a precious Belvedere stone countertop as its centrepiece. All fronts are black Linoleum with a Valchromat core, providing a soft contrast to the severity of the stone. The interior of the kitchen units uses oak veneered surfaces and solid oak drawers to match the tone of the wooden floor. En savoir plus