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NouvellesNouvelles • 13 mai 2022

OMA inverts theater typology by plugging three cantilevered theaters into a central cube

Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten see the Taipei Performing Arts Center as close as they have ever been to defining a new type of architecture. An attempt to explore, if architecture abandons its humanistic assumptions, an architecture where technology comes first. Another way of approaching architecture which the architect thinks will be more characteristic of the 21st century. © OMA by Chris Stowers The typical concert building has a centrally placed auditorium and side halls that are not interconnected. OMA inverted this typology by placing the technical spaces in a central tower and plugging in three cantilevered auditoria. A theatrical machinery that not only serves one auditorium, but can be transformed into an extended inte... En savoir plus

Projet • By OFFTECBureaux

Open City Palermo

New Administrative Centre of the Sicilian Region in Italy En savoir plus

Projet • By studio millionyearsMagasins


‘Dukkeobi’ project (means ‘toad’ in Korean)   <Hey toad> Hey toad, hey toad, I'll give you an old house, give me a new house. Hey toad, hey toad, get me some water, I'll build your house. Hey toad, hey toad, your house is on fire, bring your chains and come around.   『 <Hey toad]> is a traditional Korean children's song that has been handed down for a long time. If you hum the lyrics that start with "Hey toad, hey toad, I'll give you an old house, give me a new house." the contents of the lyrics are not easily understood. There are several theories about the meaning of this song. One of them is that it contains the following metaphorical meanings. For example, "old house" means "mother" a... En savoir plus

Projet • By OFFTECAuditoriums

Agorà Conference Hall

Honorable Mention LONDONCALL - ARCHICONTEST  En savoir plus

Projet • By Vector MaisBureaux

Porto Office Park

Located in Boavista, Porto Office Park (POP) is one of the most modern and innovative office parks in Portugal, combining sustainability, design and comfort. Divided between two buildings, the project by the Broadway Malyan stands out for its striking architecture, excellent urban setting and bright interior spaces with quality details. In this project, Vector Mais was responsible for the design and construction of the POP Eats canteen, auditorium and conference rooms. In the restaurant, with a capacity for 250 people, the interiors were inspired by industrial environments. In a mix of dark tones, metallic structures and exposed technical installations, POP Eats is an intimate and welcoming s... En savoir plus

Projet • By FIBANDCOBanques

Le Village by CA

Le Village by CA est un accélérateur de business qui met en relation des startups avec des grandes entreprises, ETI, PME. Il aide les startups à grandir et à se développer au plus près de ses 40 partenaires corporates (Naval Group, IBM, PSA, Capgemini…) dans une logique d’open-innovation. ERG Architecture a choisi Green Blade® acoustique pour un design élégant et responsable dans l'auditorium garantissant une excellente acoustique pour les présentations, pitch, et musiciens intervenants dans au sein du Village.    En savoir plus

Projet • By Parc architectesSalles de concert

Rehabiliation of the Conservatory of Versailles

To rehabilitate the auditorium of the Regional Conservatorium of Musicof Versailles, which has become dilapidated and restore it to the prestigeit deserves, the project consisted in adding new spaces to the existingvolume and giving the feeling that they are larger than they do not appearthere. UP THE ROOM FLOORThe major operation of the project was to raise the floor of the room by70cm so that it was accessible without steps. This makes the basementfully usable in order to install additional rehearsal studios. The clear heightalso makes it possible to achieve a very effective acoustic insulationbetween levels. The room has about 243 seats distributed between thefloor and the balcony. The conservatory now includes 7 rehearsal studios,a roo... En savoir plus

Projet • By HEDAuditoriums

El Capitan HS Event Center: Grossmont USD

The Grossmont Union High School District entrusted HED with the development and design of an iconic, multifunctional new event center. Sited on the El Capitan High School campus, the design needed to meet four primary goals: represent the cultural heritage of El Capitan High School; incorporate indoor and outdoor areas; provide students with a unique learning experience; and seamlessly integrate with the existing on-campus architecture.   To achieve these goals, we began by dividing the complex into two buildings, establishing a dramatic, focal entrance and creating connected outdoor spaces. Inspired by the campus and by El Capitan’s alma mater, we designed the structure to reference the lines and angles of the region&r... En savoir plus

Projet • By Urbanism Planning Architecture ItaliaAuditoriums


Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia designs the first digitally controlled variable acoustic auditorium in Moscow. The new auditorium of the VGIK University, known as Gerasimov S.A. Institute of Cinematography, the first film university in the world founded in 1919 in Moscow, was built inside the new university wing. The interior design of the main 589-seat multifunctional room, the 250-seat experimental theater and two 100-seat movie theaters was developed by the architect Paolo Lettieri and the team of Urbanism Planning Architecture Italy and the engineer's acoustic studio Marcello Brugola, both from Milan. The university requested that the main hall could be used both as a cinema, the university's main activity and as a theater and... En savoir plus

Projet • By WSDGAuditoriums

Goshen High School

OverviewGoshen High School in Goshen, NY received a $30 million-dollar bond to update the school’s academic, athletic, and arts facilities.  WSDG collaborated with architectural firm LAN Associates to assist in the comprehensive renovation of the school’s auditorium.  This included measuring and updating the space’s acoustics, seating accommodations, A/V equipment, and accessibility for the school’s growing music and theatre programs. ProgramThe auditorium is 6,000 ft2/557 m2 in total and seats 654.  The initial space had been built in 1976 and was not optimized for musical or theatrical productions.  It had a low reverberation time, but the absorptive ceiling provided little in terms of reflecti... En savoir plus

Projet • By POLO ArchitectsBureaux

Campus West Offices

Durant des décennies, l'imprimerie et les bureaux de la Gazet van Antwerpen ont été un spectacle familier dans l'horizon de la rive gauche d'Anvers. Depuis la fusion, il ne reste plus que le nouveau bâtiment de la rédaction. L'espace libéré a été acheté par un promoteur de projet et s'appellera désormais Katwilg Park. Le plan directeur a été réalisé par POLO Architects.   OPTIMISATION D'UNE ZONE INDUSTRIELLE La création d'un espace pour l'activité économique est l'une des principales priorités de la ville d'Anvers. La ville cherche à exploiter plus efficacement ses zones industrielles. Le parc d'... En savoir plus

Projet • By Mathews + Associates ArchitectsPasserelles

Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria

OVERALL VIEWThe Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria consists of a public art gallery and Mapungubwe museum linked to an open museum square which includes a restaurant and outdoor exhibition space located in a publicly accessible portion of the University’s South Campus. The gallery extends over Lynnwood road with a bridge gallery which includes a pedestrian concourse, stitching together the University’s Hatfield Campus and South Campus and touching down on a new University art square positioned above a new student gallery.   BRIDGE GALLERY STITCHING TWO CAMPUSESThe Javett Art Centre at UP provides a public showcase for our national treasures elevating art firmly into the public domain while celebrating and ext... En savoir plus

Projet • By HQ ARCHITECTSAuditoriums

Michael Sela Auditorium

 The existing Auditorium, is a great example of Modernism, designed by iconic Israeli architects Arieh Sharon and Benjamin Idelson in 1955. The 2,000m² building is the largest performance hall on the Weizmann Institute campus.   HQ Architects were commissioned to undertake the renovation and extension of this iconic building, which falls under strict ‘preservation’ rules, and where the facades and contour of the building cannot be modified. However, the ambition for the new Michael Sela Auditorium was to double the area of the existing lobby, and add a new social space suitable to accommodate different activities that go beyond the standard use of foyer as a waiting space. The concept is based on the observa... En savoir plus

Projet • By E.F.ARCHSTUDIOAuditoriums

museum of knowledge

The main problem of this project mearly khowledge  subject and also what is the difference between this museum and other museums and elaborate the concept of knowledge in how much measure? Is it just for illustraon or also it aims to produce it to other objecve that should be considered was the relaonship of project with it's background. Here in the background is le corbusier's projects. Which was our second objecves Third objecve was social sustainability subject. This site is fully containd administrave projects. And there is no space for social parcipaon so the third objecve was social leading to this site. Objecve 1. Knowledge : according to the subject of the project, this museum should differ from other museums. This is so importan... En savoir plus

Projet • By NinetynineBureaux

TSH Collab

Introduction “TSH Collab is the final piece of The Student Hotel’s complete connected Community, a fully integrated co-living and co-working world. It is a professional space where freelancers, start-ups and local game-changers can work hard in style, taking advantage of our full-service professional environment, flexible contracts and all-inclusive rates.” Amsterdam studio Ninetynine has transformed part of the ground floor of the former Het Parool office building with blue-green painted pavilions, split-levels and connected office boxes to create the first location of the THS Collab co-working space. Located in The Student Hotel group’s flagship Amsterdam City destination – at the heart of the Knowledge mi... En savoir plus