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Seaside Residence

The island is the keystone of modern kitchen design. Sitting on the threshold of purposeful space and the laid back verve of the living and dining zones, the kitchen island is often defined by the beauty of its bench top materiality and the source of light above. Suspended between horizontal planes and the two spaces designated as the heart of the home, pendant lighting has the unique capacity to unify the design dialogues that sit side by side in the home, separated by the kitchen island. Seen as an integral element to kitchen design when viewed from the living or dining space and vice versa, the gentle translucent presence of mouth blown glass can temper strong design elements in the surrounding space, distilling them to the purity of li... En savoir plus

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South Melbourne House

Formerly a maelstrom of angles, Honto Architecture has injected order into its original structure, which had previously lacked parallel. The residence possesses a zany zeal, as if fitted to the block in a frenetic fervour. Simultaneously presenting a distinct Victorian verve and a grand challenge, arranging the standing spaces into coherence seemed no easy feat. Encompassing the embodied turbulence, Honto Architecture has transformed the terrace home into a lively expression, celebrating the history of its babbling walls. Caption Experimenting with materiality and tactility, the interior of the terrace is dressed in a measured juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary details. Styled by Ruth Welsby, the dwelling is elevated by evo... En savoir plus

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Copycat Bar and Restaurant

Copycat blends the best that Melbourne has to offer. Stunning interiors, beautiful food, and a sophisticated drinks list to match. When the Polish bar and eatery closed last year, they found it only fitting to snag the spot and open a new restaurant, Copycat. “The stars aligned when this one came up,” Nick tells Broadsheet. “I knew it’d be a fantastic position being next to the cinema.” Caption On one side is the dining room, with a curvaceous concrete wall. On the other, a more casual area that’s perfect for pre-cinema cocktails and snacks. At the back is a cosy lounge with plush carpet, hand-blown pendant lights and a theatre-style velvet curtain along the wall. Caption “I wanted that... En savoir plus

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Brentwood Residence

“We aimed for a look of understated luxury,” says interior designer Claudia Afshar of the serene, stylish home she has decorated for herself in L.A.’s leafy Brentwood neighbourhood. Nestled between Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, much of the ground floor of the property looks out to stunning city views set beneath a rugged mountain landscape.  Caption In her own home, Afshar has created a fluid open plan layout for the kitchen and family room. “We love to create a pleasing flow between spaces and have a theme that permeates the entire residence,” says the designer. “Practicality and usability are paramount in enjoying a home.” Caption For the kitchen cabinetry, she chose European wh... En savoir plus

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Coogee Penthouse

"A penthouse rich in texture and materiality encapsulates the essence of luxurious living through the use of bold beautifying stone and defining details, the Coogee penthouse by Chloe Francess Interiors captured by Shayben Moussa effortlessly highlights the sculptural form created by project architect MHNDU delivered by Jawaro Group. With a brief to ascertain a luxurious hotel atmosphere, one of which met the clients standard of international rating, an immediate match of direction grew with the client and the Coogee Penthouse was born. The projects intent was to be robust and individual yet elegant and sophisticated much like the clients character. Caption Every aspect of space has been considered and accounted for to disguise the co... En savoir plus

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Balmain Residence

The intimacy and ambiance of home is underpinned by its quality of light. In the bedroom, light’s gentle interplay lends a sense of tranquility conducive to both respite and ritual bestowing an atmosphere within the part of the home dedicated to the restorative power of sleep.  Features in the master bedroom is the the Articolo Tea Slab Wall Sconce. The Slab Collection is breathtaking sculptural art forms of wall and ceiling jewellery. Jewel tones of colour suspended in solid glass sculptural form.  Enchanting artisanal jewellery’esque sophistication. Caption Caption   En savoir plus

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Dawes Point

"Luxe finishes, contemporary furniture and a postmodern palette of pink and grey make a powerful impact in the renovation of this four-storey, three-bedroom house. Caption Pale pink walls and ceilings create an inviting shell that takes a dramatic turn with a feature wall and ceiling of Porter Teleo wallpaper, which highlight the double-height dining space. Framing and enhancing the space with their attractive brass balustrades are a staircase and first-floor bridge, which links the upstairs bedrooms. Downstairs, a graceful wall of three arches separates the dining room and kitchen, while allowing open flow between the spaces. Caption Pink tones are paired throughout with elegant grey, which appears in rugs, in the sleek lines o... En savoir plus