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Projet • By Miguel de la Torre ArquitectosCentres commerciaux

Liverpool La Perla Facade

The project is located in the La Perla Shopping Center District, in the City of Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. It is an exercise in urban integration that combines modernity through architecture and tradition in the activities of the community in Jalisco. Caption The facade converges at a vertex that forms the union of two avenues, it is formed by a grid of triangular modules with flat pieces and in low relief, forming a subtracted pyramid, which when rotated allows multiple variables, and when combined it manages to transmit the sensation of movement. The texture rotates along the walls of the façade, which points and accentuates the main access to the store. In addition to the set of reliefs, the same geometry has been transferred... En savoir plus

Projet • By PAIRMagasins

Rio Bravo Tailor Shop

Río Bravo is a haute couture, shirt, fabric and accessories store for men with more than four decades in the market; a family business that has stood out for offering the best fabrics and the highest clothing in the country. Its personalized designs and quality in materials and workmanship are recognized worldwide; for this reason they are representatives of the most exclusive brands of fabrics and cashmere such as Dormeuil, Zignone and Holland and Sherry. Its headquarters located on Calle de Hamburgo, in the Juárez neighborhood, became a symbol of elegance and sophistication over the years. However, recently they had to move the small tailor shop to a larger space just a few blocks from their place of origin. Such change serv... En savoir plus

Projet • By PAIRCentres de bien-être

Polly's Place

Polly's Place is a spa dedicated to aesthetic cosmetology. For several years, it operated with two cabins for the endless treatments they carried out. The success of the spa made the space insufficient and it was necessary to move its headquarters. This was the ideal opportunity to carry out a project that reflected Polly's personality and had the possibility of expanding the services offered. Mauricio Salas In its 125 square meters of interior space, it has a reception, mani-pedi area, employee kitchen, bathroom, four cabins for multiple treatments and a semi-open terrace. The concept was to create a space that combined a contemporary aesthetic with classic elements that contextualized it and offered a subtle touch of sophistication.... En savoir plus

Projet • By Clear LightingPaysage commercial

One Marina Boulevard

One Marina Boulevard is a commercial building in the central business district of Singapore. Flexglo™ F16 LED light is chosen for the outdoor and indoor lighting projects because its high lumen output is great for indirect lighting and outlining architectures. Out in the entrance, the flexible lights are discreetly integrated into the structure of the building. The bright functional lighting offers uniform and bright illumination for those on arrival and departure. Inside the lobby, the flexible lights are mounted inconspicuously where the curved ceiling and the light brown wall meet. The warm, soothing lighting goes well with the brown wall and makes those who step inside the hall feel welcomed while enhancing the aesthetics of the... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dipen Gada and AssociatesSalles d'exposition

Baba Marbles

Normally for a marble or stone showroom, a well Spreaded area is most important to display a lot of variety at a stretch. But when there is lack of Spreaded area and constrain in plot size, it’s a real challenge to accommodate number of variety and stock of stone at a stretch. In that case, design aspect is very crucial and one has to think differently. Caption At Baba Marble, we faced a challenge of constrain of land as plot area is only 9,805 Sq. Ft. After leaving the needful margin on all side, we were left with only 4,000 Sq. Ft as plinth area which in a way is very less in terms of stocking of variety of marbles. So, we decided to go vertical both ways. Caption On Ground Floor, Italian marble stock is being displayed... En savoir plus

Projet • By Clear LightingPaysage commercial

Kanakia Wall Street

Kanakia Wall Street Lighting in India makes this the building look more vibrant and shows an unexpected art expression. This is because of using CLEAR Lighting's flexible linear lights and customized shapes to draw a dynamic walking animation, and creating a remarkable night scene. Caption En savoir plus

Projet • By Francesca Lo CascioRestaurants

Noz Brigadeiria

Truffles? Cupcakes? No, Brigadeiro! What is Brigadeiro?BRIGADEIRO is a very traditional sweet from Brazil, made of condensed milk and powdered chocolate, but for Brazilians, "brigadeiro" is much more than a simple sweet, each bite reminds them of their childhood. Of Brazilian grandmothers and mothers spending hours in the kitchen preparing small sweets for kid's birthdays, and the delicious smell that quickly permeates the whole house and the joy everyone experiences while eating them! Brigadeiro tastes like love, affection, and happy memories! That's what you find at NOZ. The joy of the Brazilians, a sweet that will fill you with happiness! It is a place you were looking for to enjoy a hot terracotta cup of tea while delighting your palate... En savoir plus


Express Design Studio

The Design Studio for the Express clothing stores occupies 60,000 square feet in New York City’s Flatiron District. The program called for large reception and display spaces, conference rooms, and workspaces spread over three floors of an existing building. A central stair acts as a vertical skewer through the three levels, both connecting and separating the studios on the third and fifth floors and the presentation spaces on the fourth floor. Mikiko Kikuyama The simplicity of the Studio’s large loft-like spaces allow the colorful fabrics and rich textures of the clothing, like artwork, to be the focus. However, unlike the white box gallery, the architecture had to withstand the rough and ready nature of the studio atmosph... En savoir plus

Produit • By Signature FloorsRaw Elements: Commercial carpet tiles inspired by the colours and textures of rocks, crystals and gemstones

Raw Elements: Commercial carpet tiles inspired by the colours and textures of rocks, crystals and gemstones

Create a space that feels high on form and function with Raw Elements carpet tiles. In this modular flooring collection, dark and muted earth tones representing the earth’s core blend into dazzling gemstone hues. Thus, transforming spaces forever. Flooring feels more textured, reflecting the natural patterns in sedimentary and igneous rocks. The collection is divided into two ranges – Bedrock & Gemstone. Explore versatile design opportunities for creating bold transitions and activity zones with these commercial flooring products. Also, use Raw Elements carpet tiles to provide directional guidance in your projects. These modular solutions work well in conjunction with Signature’s other floor coverings like vinyl floor... En savoir plus

Projet • By Rigidized Metals CorporationBureaux

International Gem Tower

Rigidized® Metals’ Contrarian Micro Textures clad the exterior of the International Gem Tower in New York City, NY. The micro textures reduce glare, and provide an easy to clean surface, which reduces maintenance costs and ensure the material will last the lifetime of the building. Larry Platman Larry Platman   En savoir plus

Projet • By asap/ adam sokol architecture practiceBureaux

Zhen Fund

A project that takes advantage of immersive urban views while also conveying a sense of the significance and dynamism of the client's work and the tremendous joy and enthusiasm that is so characteristic of this company. We were asked to create a fairly typical office fit out for a prominent venture capital firm in Beijing. Slightly unusual were the very significant number of conference rooms of all sizes requested, as well as the "XL" room with seating for up to 100. Given the U-shaped space we had to work with it was clear that the challenge would be to avoid interminable and dull corridors. Further, with the firm known for its investments not only in tech startups but also in visionary new consumer products, the space needed to refle... En savoir plus

Projet • By Laura Ortín ArchitectureCentres de bien-être


“Nothing is as beautiful as the ruins of a beautiful thing.”Auguste RodinMicroblading is a permanent eyebrow makeup technique that is performed using tiny needles to fill in desired areas with color.Its etymology would be:Micro is a prefix derived from ancient Greek meaning "small."Blading is from English, specifically the union of the word "blade" (means edge or blade) and the suffix "-ing" (gerund). Caption Our client, an expert in this procedure that goes back to a traditional Japanese technique called “tebori”, decides to open a store in the heart of the city of Murcia.Although the center has a wide range of aesthetic services it is specialized in microblading, this provides the project with certain singula... En savoir plus

Produit • By Signature Floors88 Planks - Vinyl Plank & Tile

88 Planks - Vinyl Plank & Tile

Designers of the built environment recognise the power of what lies beneath our feet. In it, pattern, colour and feel – all play a fundamental role. But with so much on offer, it can be challenging to work within limited timeframes. While also selecting fit for purpose and innovative products. Enter 88 Planks vinyl flooring. 88 Planks is Signature’s expertly curated collection of vinyl plank flooring. It uses classic materials like wood, stone and colour in unique and bold ways. Much like the works of design visionaries, Charles & Ray Eames, Barbara Hepworth and Piet Mondrian. The collection has a streamlined system from selection to installation. It’s also designed to deliver the look and feel of natural wood, stone... En savoir plus

Produit • By Signature FloorsVivid Carpet Tiles

Vivid Carpet Tiles

Colour transforms spaces, places, even people. And, often, it creates an impact that’s profound and distinctly personal. Sometimes, even magical. Introducing Vivid 202 carpet tiles offering a kaleidoscope of colours, flexibility and freedom of choice. With that, an unrivalled ability to define your colour signature.  Take a plunge and experience unexpected possibilities with an extensive array of colour choices. Also, benefit from short lead times as all 202 colours are stocked and ready to go. Enjoy the ultimate creative opportunity. Select your favourite Vivid 202 highlight colour to design custom combinations for quantities as low as 50m2. Alternatively, mix and match between our curated, stocked collections. Or explore custo... En savoir plus

Projet • By The SharMagasins


The renovation transformed the existing 3 story 865 square meter space into an airy, fun, and colorful baby retail store. In visioning session, we had difficulty in locating the store because of all similar cold structures in the district. The store building was very uninviting in external appearance and gloomy within. The concept of the design was based on capturing the attention of visitors. Therefore we chose a warm and bright color for the exterior facade. Caption Caption Passersby young and old may feel pull, starting with the vibrant yellow color of the exterior. The continuous yellow color moves through all floors acting as the guide for new customers and ends in a color splash  in the lower ground level.Whitewashed w... En savoir plus