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Projet • By 10 DesignBureaux

Qianwan Financial Headquarters Design Submission

Inspired by the concept of water, which is associated with good fortune in Chinese culture, the international architecture practice, 10 Design’s (part of Egis Group) design proposal for the Qianwan Financial Headquarters mimics a series of cascading waterfalls which defines this new tower in the cityscape of Qianhai in Shenzhen, China.As the waterfalls cascade down into the urban plaza, the tower form pulls back to express the primary structure. The primary structure creates this very simple and elegant colonnade which allows a transition from the main urban plaza through the colonnade and into the office lobby space.The design team has proposed a very strong, simple and elegant statement for the new emerging Qianhai CBD, where the si... En savoir plus

Projet • By Humberto Conde ArquitetosLogement

Condominium 5 Single Family Houses in Sintra

It is an allotment of 5 houses on a plot where the lots occasionally have very tall and slender large trees. The vegetation on the site is quite dense and luxuriant creating a bucolic environment. Caption In this sense, the Houses are constituted by Horizontal plans that extend beyond the limit of the construction and are cut in the places where they find the nature – existing trees. The shape of the construction boundary is also rounded in the corners to approximate the organic shape of nature and to allow greater fluidity of spaces and the Interior – Exterior relationship. Caption Given the nature of the place that determines the “spirit of the place”, the new buildings are integrated in this Harmony, i... En savoir plus

Projet • By Humberto Conde ArquitetosLogement

Housing Building VV

One of the main premises of the project involves, precisely, the interpretation of the concept of “sustainability” and, consequently, its applicability in terms of energy efficiency and reduction of environmental impact. Whether from the selection of construction/covering materials and/or the implementation of green elements – planters and garden coverage – the use of vegetation in the architecture allows not only to build a more appealing image of the place, but also to contribute to the biodiversity of the species. Through photosynthesis, plants help to filter and decontaminate the air, providing a pleasant feeling – allowing greater temperature control in summer (reducing the need for refrigeration), as well... En savoir plus

Projet • By Humberto Conde ArquitetosHôtels

Apart Hotel Sea View

The proposal is based on two collective housing blocks (Block A-B and Block C-D), which are located in the northernmost area of ​​the lot,opening all the land to gardens and landscaping that extend to the area located further south. Caption Formally, consisting of 5 floors above the threshold level, and one below, the two blocks are characterized by their features horizontal, resulting from the extension of the slabs, compared to the building mass, covered with phenolic panels. the intention passes. Caption for creating outdoor spaces or balconies, in all apartments and typologies, thus extending the interior space. The typologies they are developed from T1 to T3, which are located on the top floor of each block. Caption A... En savoir plus

Projet • By Humberto Conde ArquitetosAppartements

Cascais 25

The Cascais 25 building is located in the Center of Cascais on Avª 25 Abril, one of the main arteries of the village. The project is characterized by the different slabs | Platforms balanced over the boundary of the dwellings and the suspended gardens created in them. The idea is to create apartments with a strong relationship with the surroundings and that, at the same time, enjoy green balconies and terraces in order to have a way of living linked to nature and the good weather conditions of the place. The apartments are blocks of organic shape that throughout its perimeter relate to the exterior, through large glass surfaces. The plant element is thus included as a technical element: vines grow on walls and between the slabs and the... En savoir plus

Projet • By Humberto Conde ArquitetosLogement

8 Single Family Houses in Parede

In a terrain with a steep slope, stand 8 Single Family Houses in 3 Levels of Platforms. The Villas are developed in terraces and privilege the Social Spaces. The idea is to establish a strong visual relation between the rooms and the infinite blue of the Sea. As the terrain presents the slope facing south, the houses are arranged on different platforms, thus creating terraces on the upper floors. It is about creating a volumetric mismatch at the level of the different floors and with it get platforms Terraces that allow to enjoy the various views that the place provides. Caption The Access to the Houses is made directly by the antechamber that precedes the Living Room and in turn this one communicates with an existing terrace at the l... En savoir plus

Projet • By Humberto Conde ArquitetosPrisons

Pacific Ocean Plataform Prison - Honorable Mention

The location in the middle of the ocean leads the proposal to a natural isolation. Therefore the concept of the main design of the building starts as a pure object, unique, intact and impenetrable place, like an isolated fortress which ensures the security, not only of those who are in but also of those who are out. Caption The design begins with a sphere as a pure form which is then splitted in two conic pieces. The lower piece works as the main platform of the building and responds to the problem of the oscillating sea level facilitating the access of the building by boat. The upper one, acts like a bowl, an opened sky container. Its access is made by air leading the helicopter actually to land inside the building. This upper contai... En savoir plus

Projet • By Humberto Conde ArquitetosBureaux

New Building SMAS Oeiras - Amadora | Competition

The Office Building for the Technical Services of SMAS, takes advantage of the high position of the site which has a great view to the valley. The proposal develops on a big “Green Square” on which sits the volume with a Garden Rooftop. Caption This building is located on the northern side of the square, and turns itself to the south, freeing area for the exterior space and creating resting points connected with the surrounding views. The Green Platform solves not only the program issues above the entrance floor but also enables, by the sloping terrain, an independent access to the warehouse and workshops on the underground level. Caption As a “Green” base, it needs water in order to survive, and its reut... En savoir plus

Projet • By Humberto Conde ArquitetosMusées

Water Life Museum - Competition 3rd place

The proposal defines itself as a point of connection between the three surrounding equipments – Poets Avenue, Poets Green Park and the future of the Town Hall Building. The design of the building is based on the materialization of “Water” in its three states – solid, liquid and gas. Just as these three states of water are formalized in a downward direction, combined with characteristics of atmospheric pressure and weather, these three elements are inserted in the proposal as a cyclic set of the water element, from the greater body of the building (Ice Block) till the Caption dematerialization of this cold mass at the entrance floor level – transparent volumes – where a reflecting water plan is based... En savoir plus

Projet • By 33BY ArchitectureMaisons privées


- Philosophy: Vastu is an ancient Hindu teaching on how to properly plan and design the surrounding space. By following at least the basic and simple principles of this philosophy, you can make the surrounding space more harmonious and attract temper and abundance into your home. Vastu philosophy is associated with 5 natural elements - water, fire, air, earth and ether. The task of the architects at 33bY Architecture was to design the building and plan the space according to Vastu. Vastu used to build palaces and churches, now we build private housing for our clients.  Sergiy Kadulin Photography   - Location: The site is in a wonderful location in the suburbs of Kiev, on top of a hill with direct access to the coniferous... En savoir plus

Projet • By Humberto Conde ArquitetosLogement

Moradias Geminadas Cascais

The concept started from the volumetric distinction between private space and social space. The private space is formed by a "suspended white box", light and pure lines and the social space by a floor coated with phenolic resins, textured and darker material that serves as the basis where the upper volume is supported – private space. Caption Caption Thus, at the level of floor 0 (social zone) we seek a ground language, attached to the patio, connecting indoor/outdoor experiences, as opposed to, at the level of floor 1 (private area) the volumetry is characterized by a visual lightness. It is proposed, therefore, a white "box", supported on a textured volume. This overlap results, punctually, in a game of shadows on the ext... En savoir plus

Projet • By Humberto Conde ArquitetosLogement

Moradia Cobre

This project intention is the reconstruction of an existing house according to the daily demands of the new owners in order to give them more comfort and functionality, respecting at the same time the base structure of the previous building so that the alignments of the previous location, exterior walls and flooring heights are maintained. The general programmatic floor distribution is also maintained, only modifying the dimension of each space and the relation between them. They become more functional, comfortable and flexible, towards a better organization of the interior space but also a better connection with the exterior leisure area. Caption The level -1 is kept as a technical zone. Its main modification relates to the staircas... En savoir plus

Projet • By Humberto Conde ArquitetosLogement

Moradia Belpoente

This project consists of the reconstruction of an existing house in a protected site, where the gross floor area and net floor area cannot be increased, but with the intention of adapting the conditions of current security and comfort, redesigning the interior program keeping the residential use, and providing a new image to the proposed compound. Caption The existing distribution of spaces depreciated the level of comfort and experience in terms of the spaces themselves. For that reason alone, we chose to reverse this organization, from the private area of the house to be facing North/West and social area South/West. Thus it will ensure a better use of sunlight as well as a better connection of the interior spaces with the exterior.... En savoir plus

Projet • By Humberto Conde ArquitetosLogement


From pre-existence remain the limits, which helped to define a new form. The new volume is integrated into the surroundings through its configuration that, in a contemporary reinterpretation of the cover of two waters with mansardas, resembles the surrounding buildings and the pre-existence itself. The new volumetric solution is presented with two floors and one indented above ground - reference quota - and one floor below ground for parking / technical zone, developing the spaces according to the uses. The construction of the new construction was obtained after surveying the average heights of the surrounding facades on the side of the street where the proposal is integrated, relating to the surroundings. Caption Caption Capti... En savoir plus

Projet • By TYRANT Inc.Maisons privées

Machida House

This is a private house built on sloping land surrounded by nature next to the Hinatami River, which stretches along the Shima Spring Resort, which is one of Gunma Prefecture's representative spring resorts. We designed a single-story wooden house with a long and narrow plane surface corresponding to the configuration of the lot sandwiched between the Hinatami River and the park. Caption The lot was very damp all of the time because of the large amount of groundwater running under the ground from the back slope to the Hinatami River. Taking the sloping land into account, the lot could not be said to be located in an environment suitable for living. So, we constructed a two-meter high foundation with a concrete slab above it stretching... En savoir plus