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Projet • By Clear LightingBâtiments individuels

Staircase in Dietikon

A mansion in Dietikon, Switzerland has FlexgloTM F15 flex LED lights lighting up its long-run staircases. F15 runs10m continuously per single power feed, making the installation very easy. The neon light strips are fixed inside the structure of the staircases invisibly. The results came out great and even exceeded what the customer expected. The lighting outlines the long distance stairs, creating quite a spectacle in nighttime. En savoir plus

Projet • By Clear LightingBureaux

Travel agency in Küssnacht am Rigi

A travel agency in Küssnacht am Rigi, Switzerland installed FlexgloTM F22 to brighten the stairs in three floors. The customer wanted no LED driver or cable between the floors. F22 flexible lights are available in two bending options and makes an easy fit to the curved walls. Only 3 power supply is needed for this installation, one for each floor. The 4000K color temperature enables the lighting to go well with the natural sunlight coming through the window during morning or afternoon hours.  En savoir plus

Projet • By Clear LightingGaleries d'art

Art gallery in Standsstad

In a modern art gallery in Standsstad, Switzerland, slender FlexgloTM F23 lights are highlighting the layout of the room. The idea was to underline the pictures on the wall without producing too much light. F23 was the right product because its flexibility and bendability allowed the light to follow the whole corridor in one piece.Unlike the downlights recessed in the ceiling, the 3000K-set F23 linear LED lights compliment the dim area below and make sure no shadow is left. Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs or halogens, LED luminaires produce the least heat and UV emissions, which is vital for artwork preservation. En savoir plus

Projet • By Clear LightingFoyers de soins

Retirement Home Indoor Water Fountain

Inside the lobby of a retirement home in Bettlach, Switzerland flows a stunning illuminated water feature. Adding lighting to the water fountain proves tricky. For one thing it is hard to pick the right lighting angle because visitors or guests from all directions could lay their eyes on the feature upon entering. For another, the 3-storey high crusading waterfall offers limited options for LED lights as most fountain LEDs are unable to uplight or downlight far or high enough. Analyzing the space, the project engineer decided to go with linear led lights. As a result, two strips of 4-meter long FlexgloTM F15 flexible lights are installed on the pillar inside the waterfall. The well-placed lights excel in creating visual interest and highlig... En savoir plus

Projet • By Linea Light GroupPasserelles

New Kelani Bridge

Une nouvelle passerelle reliant Colombo, la capitale financière du Sri Lanka, à l’aéroport situé au nord de la ville et traversant la rivière Kelani, classée comme la quatrième plus longue rivière du pays, dont dépendent les transports, la pêche, la production d’énergie hydroélectrique et 80 % de l’approvisionnement en eau de la capitale. Le nouveau pont Kelani, comme il a été baptisé lors de la cérémonie d’inauguration qui s’est tenue fin 2021, est un véritable bijou de technologie moderne construit dans le but d’améliorer les embouteillages chroniques qui caractérise... En savoir plus

Projet • By a-designstudioMaisons privées

The Summer House

The soft clean lines, the subtle textures of the surfaces reflect the simplicity of the minimalistic architectural design of this modern beach villa in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The Summer House consists of two floor levels with open living and dining spaces, 4 standard en-suite bedrooms, a master suite, a roof terrace lounge and bar. Sadun De Silva All inhabited spaces are provided with an infinite view of the ocean with the used of tall glazed windows. The framework of the windows is of white aluminium powder coat finish, which blends in with its neutral surrounding. The white interior and exterior finishes to the villa in Ambalangoda and its minimalist landscape completes the overall tropical feel. The introduction of the op... En savoir plus

Projet • By Tagir Fattori ArquiteturaSalles d'exposition

Power Lume Experience

The Power Lume Experience is, above all, a showroom for the brand's products and innovations. However, it is not limited to presenting its portfolio, it also creates unique and playful spaces to be explored by users who are invited to create their own experiences.   Marcelo Donadussi The spaces were conceived to immerse the visitor in a luminous environment. To this end, a path full of sensory experiences through lighting was created. Furniture, textures, materials and coatings are minimalist and functional, while the environments were designed to stimulate the imagination and create unusual records for sharing. In the midst of this gallery-style route – the Power Lume Experience – the spaces have lighting as the prot... En savoir plus

Projet • By JLC-Tech | Linear LED LightingÉcoles secondaires

Dr. Knippenberg College

The Dr. Knippenberg College in Helmond, Netherlands opened in September 2021.   The design of the school fosters a creative and collaborative atmosphere. The playful layout of the T-BAR LED extends this spirit throughout, adding character to the classrooms and study areas. Designers have the most flexibility when working with T-BAR LED lighting, transforming a suspended grid ceiling into a fun and interesting focal point. En savoir plus

Projet • By Linea Light GroupCentres commerciaux

Nicosia Mall Shopping Center

Le nouveau temple du shopping et pas seulement. Grâce à plus de 150 magasins, aux bars, aux restaurants, aux salles de cinéma (il y en a 5 !), Nicosia Mall est le lieu idéal pour passer toute la journée. Pensé pour les visiteurs de toutes les tranches d’âge, il se trouve à Lakatámia, près du centre de la capitale, plongé dans la nature à laquelle le projet architectural, avec lequel il a été réalisé, a prêté une attention très importante. Le résultat est évident : un bâtiment linéaire et courbé, développé horizontalement, qui s’intègre harmonieuse... En savoir plus

Projet • By BNLA architectenMaisons privées

Modern villa with thatched roof

On a beautiful plot in a wooded dune area near Vlissingen stands this luxury villa, designed by BNLA architects. The villa is characterised by a white plastered main volume with a sleek thatched roof. The combination with the grey natural stone and the anthracite window frames give the house a modern look. The challenge in this design assignment lay in the programme. The aim was to create five bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. BNLA designed a house with an extension on the side and back, without making it feel like an extension. This was achieved by placing a glass facade of 8 meters wide at the front of the house, which connects the house and the extension both functionally and visually. Because the glass facade can be opened completel... En savoir plus
3d interior render of a minimalistic grey bedroom
3d render of a bedroom designed in grey
Close-up on a bedside table
Photorealistic 3d visualization of a bedroom
Minimalistic bedroom design with copper elements

Projet • By Lunas VisualizationAppartements

3d visualization and an apartment virtual tour

The bedroom is a very peaceful and come place that should energize us. Thus, it should be the most comfortable  place . This outstanding project is remarkable thanks to a grate work that was done in recreating each texture, each item, the whole ambiance, which contributes to the overall  mood of the apartment located on Leveson Street, North Melbourne, Australia.   En savoir plus
Cosy and full of light 3d render created for a living room
Photorealistic 3d visualization of a minimalistic living room devided on dining and relax zones
3d visualization crop of a dining zone
3d interior render for a minimalistic kitchen with pendant lights
3d render of a kitchen designed in grey

Projet • By Lunas VisualizationAppartements

3d interior visualization of a residential house

An outstanding 3d visualization of a residential house with spacious and clear interiors, that has a dining zone, a bedroom and a cosy relax zone. En savoir plus

Produit • By Wall-Smart Ltd.Apple iPad Flush Wall Mounts

Apple iPad Flush Wall Mounts

Wall Mounts for Apple products:         Installation Types: iPad Mini 6                                                    New Construction (drywall) iPad 10.2" - 7, 8 and 9 GEN                    Retrofit (drywall) iPad Air 4TH GEN                                       Solid Surface (Glass, Marble, Stone, Wood...) iPad Pro 11" 2ND & 3RD GEN iPad Pro 12.9" 5TH GEN iPod     En savoir plus

Projet • By Clear LightingAppartements


Inside hrs13, Thailand, Flexglo™ F15 LED lights are mounted in the cove ceiling above the pond. With a flat emitting surface, F15 lights are perfect for recessed installation. Cove F15 lights act as accent lighting that emphasizes the design of the faux ceiling, creating a soft ambience with even light distribution.  En savoir plus

Projet • By Clear LightingParcs/jardins

Neptune's Restaurant

Ocean Park is the second-largest theme park in Hong Kong. Neptune's is an aquarium-themed restaurant in the park and the only aquarium restaurant in Hong Kong. On one exit of the diner, Flexglo™ F22 LED lights are used to illuminate the uniquely-shaped shop front. This distinctive architecture is made of curved fins and to highlight this feature and F22 light fixtures are installed along the verge of each fin. The F22 luminaires offer vertical and horizontal bending options to maximize the freedom and flexibility of installation. The 5700K color temperature makes sure the storefront grabs the attention of passing hungry visitors whether in the daylight or evening. Supported by C-Mask™ technology on the lighting surface and integ... En savoir plus