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стили интерьера загородного дома

Projet • By Chado Architectural studioBâtiments individuels

Private dwelling house

La maison pour une famille de quatre personnes utilise l'idée de contraste entre la "coquille" monumentale - et l'"intérieur" transparent rempli de lumière et d'air. Les formes accroupies en béton armé sont revêtues de briques et de pierres, et le vitrage panoramique ouvre une vue sur l'intérieur, qui devient un élément à part entière de l'architecture. La symétrie du bâtiment est soulignée de façon dynamique par la cheminée de la cheminée à double face qui traverse le centre de la façade.   La maison pour une famille de quatre personnes utilise l'idée de contraste entre la "coquille" monumentale -... En savoir plus

Projet • By Water StudioBureaux

Two Story Frameless Water Veil

Five translucent water veils create the illusion of parallel panels of water falling two stories in the lobby of this modern Century City office. Concealed linear LED light fixtures illuminate the veils of slowly moving water from above and below. The unending water waves disappear into a bed of light-colored pebbles efficiently concealing the equipment and utilities. En savoir plus

Projet • By PLUS ULTRA studioAppartements

DMC | Round the Corner Apartment

Designing a domestic interior often means becoming "curators" of customers' private lives, knowing their needs, their wishes, and trying to address them. In this project of about 135 square meters, customers needed to create 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. In order to distribute all these spaces it was inevitable to allocate part of the surface to circulation space: the project planned to characterize this space by rounding the corners, on the one hand to make it more fluid, on the other to bring natural light into the center of the house.   The rounded corners produce a soft light effect on the walls and avoid excessive contrasts of light and shadow. The diagonal laying pattern of the parquet also makes the dis... En savoir plus

Produit • By GlasioUnique acoustic Glas

Unique acoustic Glas

INNOVATIE MATERIAL GLASIO slab is a porous material made of small crystal glass parts joined together by heat. The slabs are joined together by heat and don‘t contain any additives such as fillers and binders.   ACOUSTIC It is acoustic wall panelling with maximal sound absorption coefficient on medium frequency where its absorptive ability exceeds 90% of impact sound energy. These frequency bands (especially octave bands 500Hz and 1Hz) are the key factor for good intelligibility.   COLOURING A basic range of colours was chosen to use in modernor historical interiors in timeless shades typical of crystal glass. When necessary, the shades could be mixed and create new and unique combinations. It is recommended... En savoir plus

Projet • By EDGEHôtels

Hilton Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

This Hilton Hotel is located in Ehtiopia, the leading tourist destination Bahir Dar which is situated in the north Amhara region.Bahir Dar is elevated 1,800 m above sea level and is the port on the south of Lake Tana.Bahir Dar Hilton Hotel consists of lobby, wellness center, executive lounge, speciality restaurant, ballroom and meeting rooms, pool lounge, king rooms, double queen rooms, one bedroom suites, presidential suites and bungalow villas. The site provides the hotel with amazing views towards the Blue Nile river and the beautiful Bahir Dar landscapes.The pleasant tropical climate allows for the architecture to open huge facade panels and break the boundaries between the interior and exterior. En savoir plus

Projet • By Human w/ DesignAppartements

42 Broadway

42 Broadway is a minimal space located in Hong Kong, designed by Human w/ Design. A large wooden wall at the back of living and dining area providing plenty of concealed storage including a maid room, letting the rest of space to be more open and airy. Materials and color palette of wood veneer, stone and beige tone expressing a natural touch and feel. The study rooms double sliding doors can be fully open to create a large share space with dining room for friends gathering. The selection of clean and simple form of furniture and ironmongeries to match with the minimal approach for the space. Kitchen with large piece of glass partition help to extend the space visually and allow daylight pen... En savoir plus

Projet • By Ki DesignAppartements

GZ. Apartment

In collaboration with Galina Yatzuk.The original layout consisted of a separate small kitchen and two rooms located along a long corridor. We have allocated a separate room for a bedroom with a dressing room (which can only be accessed from the bedroom), a separate large storage room for clothes, linen and household items. The rest of the area was combined into a common space of a hall, living room and kitchen. Thus, it was possible to remove the feeling of crowded rooms, which was in the original layout. The bathroom was also made more spacious by combining the bathroom itself and the toilet. This made it possible to place a washing machine and a boiler in the bathroom. The hallway and living room area was slightly divided by a partition,... En savoir plus

Projet • By GCB Interior ArchitectureRestaurants

Forno Alimento

From the moment you walk-in to the moment you take your last sip of wine at Forno Alimento, a special culinary experience is formed. Located in Vaughan’s Italian district, the intimate food sharing experience resonates through its meaning “the celebration of food”. Offering exclusively tapas styled dining, this innovative restaurant’s food and design palette will ensure a lively stay. Inspired by select craft wines for visitors and locals alike, the cozy yet rich materials create a truly authentic Italian experience. Pops of colours can be seen only on plates and wine labels, noting it’s simplistic flare throughout. The rest of the space is drenched in dark woody oaks contrasting seamlessly with the statuario marble. The natural colour... En savoir plus

Projet • By GCB Interior ArchitectureLogement


With the emphasis on “more”, this truly collaborative approach to condo-Living is an outstanding example of creative excellence. The latest Etobicoke condominium Evermore is sensitive to all demographics redefined by comfort and convenience. This unique and elegant residential space naturally combines elements of warmth in its palette, emphasizing “more living”. Residents are offered places to grow, play, and connect throughout the expansive and distinct amenities designed to connect environment and people. Spacious yet defined party room, a chef’s kitchen, gathering lounges, private and non-private dining room options. Saturdays beautifully appointed finishes and functions are further expressed with a view to the expansive o... En savoir plus

Projet • By IMA InteriorsAppartements

Parisian apartment renovation

This apartment was envisaged as a soft, poetic cocoon that would bring comfort to its inhabitants. All of the furniture are original pieces by IMA Interiors, designed in a formal, colorful style characterized by geometric traits and the mix of subtle contrasts. The living room is accentuated by the emblematic glass walls, and everything is tied together by the monochromatic ambiance of deep purple.     En savoir plus

Projet • By Art GroupAppartements

Apartments in Moscow

This 2 floors house we were building with my colleagues, Maxim Volniy and Nazar Dorofeyev, for our friends.Guys are restaurateurs that work hard and travel a lot but on the weekends they love to spend time with their friends and make noisy BBQ parties in the countryside. This project started from location choice.After a long search we bought a piece of land on the slope. We gave the name to this place "house on the cliff". Minimal is the main idea. It is not about asceticism which concrete boxes have.This is about perfect proportions, architectural form and "chemistry" of inner space with the outer space.It is about intimate connection of the human and the nature. Especially the landscape of locality determined architecture of the hous... En savoir plus

Projet • By Tobi ArchitectsAppartements


Location: Dnipro, UkraineArea: 120 square metersThe project of the apartment’s interior for a very beautiful family with two children. Upon their request, we created a bright and eclectic interior in which a very modern kitchen and a stucco fireplace, a bright blue sofa and a green seat in the hallway could be good for each other.The kitchen is strict and minimalistic, it will balance a rather bright and filled interior. On the apron there is a mosaic of Bisazza Halo-Halo, which is pricked by hand, and its graphic print was invented by the Italian designer Paola Navone. A table top made of solid wood adds warmth and naturalness to black furniture. The black and white tile on the floor — one of the family’s wishes — connects the corridor and... En savoir plus

Projet • By AshariArchitectsAppartements

7:37' House & Studio

Project Name:   7:37' House & Studio Category:   Interior Design Completion Date:   June 02, 2015 Project Area:   122 m2    Country :   Iran Company Name: AshariArchitects Design : AmirHossein Ashari Design co - worker : Zahra Jafari - Mostafa Yektarzade Construction: Saeed Jamali - Nima Asadi - Aida Bazoobandi 3D modeling : Mostafa Yektarzade - saleh banisefat Photography: Aida Bazoobandi - Zahra Jafari Accessory : Sahar Gharaei   A different house for a different family The approach for this project was initially started from the time when a family from the U.A.E was willing to spend their holiday by purchasing a property in Shi... En savoir plus

Projet • By JOA designLogement

Curve bookcase

Curve is a creation of JOA. It allows a complete freedom of creation. In thi scase, a bookcase had been drawn. Bamboo trays, steel uprights give a feeling of lightness while the resistance is not to be proved. Open storage space, sliding doors, drawers, the options are wide in order to personalize the piece to every needs. En savoir plus

Projet • By ivpartnersThéâtres

Icon Versova, Mumbai

Located at the Infinity Mall, Versova; the ICON Cinemas designed by Ar. Ishvinder Kaur and Ar. Vikas Sabharwal, successfully creates a redefining statement in multiplex design. Housing grand lounges immersive in the golden aura and adorning wall sconces and indulgent auditoriums presenting a contemporary theatrical experience, this design portrays ultimate excellence in its fine blend of class with function-driven efficient planning. The design brief for the project was to introduce a new brand of, top of the line, luxury multiplex in the heart of the film capital of India. The concept, thus evident from every aspect of the design creates an entertainment beacon featuring in glowing lights, redefined ambiance of experiencing the new world o... En savoir plus