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NouvellesNouvelles • 6 juil. 2022

Chalet D by monovolume architecture + design brings new life to alpine architecture

Located in the Austrian Alps, Chalet D is a family holiday home that includes a spa area. Modern and contemporary, the renovation and design by monovolume architecture + design bring new life to an existing alpine building. Meraner and Hauser Featured materials such as light oak wood, dry stone walls, and exposed beams enforce the alpine feeling with wood exteriors returned to their original state and appearance. Meraner and Hauser Numerous interior fireplaces offer a warm environment while blue tones used throughout the interior refer to water – a central element of relaxation in the lower-level spa.  Meraner and Hauser Alongside this, existing cross beams have been restored and made visible through dark colour... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 17 mai 2022

Baumschlager Eberle Architecten create an architectural statement for a natural setting in Alpe Furx

On a sloping site in the Austrian ski resort of Alpe Furx, this holiday and leisure development by Baumschlager Eberle Architekten comprises twelve chalets integrated with their context and a new hospitality building replacing an old hotel.  Albrecht Immanuel Schnabel Key concepts during the design process included a respectful treatment of ground and grade, high amenity values, and a thoughtful relationship between the structures themselves. The resulting site plan features is a small development with three groups of four chalet buildings arranged in a naturalistic manner. Albrecht Immanuel Schnabel To preserve views of the mountain and the nearby chapel, the main hospitality building is located below the chalets. Containi... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 14 mai 2022

Luconi architetti mix modern elements with traditional Alpine architecture

Located in the Alpine region of Madesimo, Italy, Baita MV by Luconi architetti comprises an extension and interior renovation of an existing hut that was previously renovated by another owner.  Marcello Mariana Keeping much of the existing structure, external changes include the replacement of fixed wooden cladding with a system of opening doors that when in use reveal new large windows overlooking the mountainous landscape from the mezzanine level. The result is a building with two characters – one more traditional when closed and another more contemporary, light, and transparent when open.  Marcello Mariana The project is conceived at two very different levels – both in the program and in character. The u... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 13 mars 2022

Viktoria by Architekt Andreas Gruber speaks to the simple vernacular of South Tyrol

Named for the client herself, Viktoria is a residential building located in Vals, South Tyrol. The house has a south-facing prospect over the Vals valley with its striking mountain slopes and peaks. Gustav Willeit Surrounded by predominantly agricultural buildings, the local vernacular is very simple with reduced forms, pitched roofs and limited materials. In response, Architekt Andreas Gruber developed a design for Viktoria that integrates landscape and building. Gustav Willeit The compact three-floor building with an isosceles gable roof is entered from the main entrance n the ground floor. The levels above are accessed via a straight internal staircase centralized in the building. Floor areas in include a spacious living room... En savoir plus

Projet • By Ben Hudson ArchitectsMaisons privées

Peninsula House

The Peninsula House occupies a tricky site on a rocky outcrop overlooking Lake Wakatipu, in Queenstown, New Zealand. To reflect the owners' relaxed style of living, the home was designed simply and efficiently, without fuss or excess. Larkin Design The clean, folded geometry of the roofline informs a clear hierarchy of spaces within. The roof extends to create a porch that frames views to the surrounding lake and mountains, and provide a variety of outdoor spaces to suit the differing weather patterns. Larkin Design Larkin Design Passive house principles were adopted in the design. This lakeside retreat is a modest, compact home that has a relaxed connection to its environment. Larkin Design Caption   En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 8 mai 2021

Architecture of Kindergarden Enneberg encourages children to creatively develop their senses and abilities

A playful place for learning, this kindergarten extension in South Tyrol by Architekt Andreas Gruber was developed in close collaboration with educational staff to create a light-filled, child-friendly space that encourages children to learn through playful games and interaction with their immediate environment. Gustav Willeit The exterior façade, made of thermal brick, plaster, and natural wood, reflects the playful nature of children and the project concept with the use of colour, different heights and distances of windows, which frame different alpine landscape views. Gustav Willeit The flexible classrooms feature a range of scales and proportions, providing accessibility along with more sheltered and reserved places,... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 27 avr. 2021

The Eagle Mountain Top Restaurant derives its rock-like form from the Austrian landscape

Located at 2000m above sea level in Sankt Lorenzen Austria, the Eagle Mountain Top Restaurant by Viereck Architects is designed as a crystalline or rock-like form with the shape of the façade derived from the orientation and view from the site itself. Main elevations offer the most spectacular views into the landscape, with clear heights being close to six meters. Tom Lamm Large visible CLT beams define the restaurant space along with CLT ceiling slabs. The CLT beams are organized into a  star formation, adding a dramatic ceiling feature. Triangular areas between beams are filled with perforated acoustic panels in timber, with ventilation and electrical systems concealed behind. Slender CLT columns lean inwards in two dire... En savoir plus

Projet • By BCW CollectiveCentres culturels

Bivacco Brédy

Bivacco Bredy is the winning proposal from an invited competition organized by YACademy and Cantieri d’Alta Quota on behalf of the Brédy family. Developed by BCW Collective, the design is a specific solution for a high altitude site in the Italian region of Valle d’Aosta, near the Laghi di Dzioule, two small alpine lakes at 2500m elevation in the secluded Vertosan Valley. The competition sought detailed designs of a bivouac to celebrate the memory of Claudio Brédy, a well-known politician and alpinist from Valle d’Aosta who tragically lost his life in a climbing accident at the end of 2017. Inspiration from the life of Claudio Brèdy and the mountains he was so passionate about motivated the memorial architecture quality... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 3 févr. 2021

Austrian home showcases contemporary wood detailing

In the mountains of Blons, Austria, this small house four a family of four references traditional building typologies of the Walseral-Valley. The design comes from Innauer Matt Architekten who are known for their work in Alpine regions. David Schreyer In response to the steeply sloping site, the building has small foundations, thereby limiting the use of concrete. The minimal footprint leads to a design that organizes the house over three storeys.  David Schreyer Private/sleeping spaces are located on the lower floor and under the roof. The living space where the family meets is located on the middle floor. An enclosed balcony zone is placed in front of the volume and expands the living space to the outside.  David... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 26 janv. 2021

Treehouse concept drives the design for South Tyrol hotel extension

In Siusi, South Tyrol, Parc Hotel Florian has been expanded with ten new suites in a new stand-alone building. Designed by Noa* architects, the design brief was to connect the new build to the existing structure and preserve as the unique surrounding landscape, which includes ancient trees, an idyllic pond and outdoor pool. Alex Filz To leave as much of the existing land as possible untouched, the new building is elevated on a series of three-meter high supports, leaving the grounds below fully accessible. The intellectual concept of the building as treehouse thus began to take shape. Alex Filz At the end of a connecting walkway that forms the backbone of the new development, a two-storey structure contains the new suites, with... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 12 déc. 2020

Ca’Inua: Italian home in stone and wood draws from its mountain roots

Situated in the mountainous Italian landscape of Marzabotto, this new construction called Ca’Inua expresses an intense relationship with its natural surroundings. The house, designed by Ciclostile Architettura, comes from the demolition and reconstruction of a former farmhouse and is developed over two levels. The ground floor is partially embedded into the earth, bringing sightlines closer to the ground and strengthening the link between building and land. Fabio Mantovani Built on the footprint of a former farmhouse, stones from the farmhouse demolition were recovered and used for the new ground-level stone floor. A new build portion, with a structure of X-LAM panels, gracefully inserts itself over the main the first floor.... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 20 oct. 2020

Skigard Hytte embeds the practicalities of Scandinavian design within the rural vernacular

Architects are inherently creative, but often creative ambitions need to be tempered according to client preferences and expectations. So when San-Francisco based husband and wife team Casper and Lexie Mork-Ulnes of Mork Ulnes Architects designed their family ski retreat in the Norwegian Kvifjell resort area, they were able to push their creative boundaries with a freedom rarely afforded when working for clients.  Credit: Bruce Damonte The result, raised mountain cabin Skigard Hytte (‘log cottage’) is a unique and innovative project informed by the local landscape but designed with functional living in mind.  Life ‘above’ for humans in the cabin is harmonized with life ‘underneath’ th... En savoir plus