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Projet • By archelabBars

Pantheon Espresso Bar

Pantheon espresso bar is one of the oldest and most central café bars in Pyrgos Helias, Greece.Our approach targeted at creating a strong identity of the store, combining ordinary material textures within a contemporary framework. The interior design is visually externalized to the public space (pedestrian street), setting the café as a landmark while creating a continuum between internal and external space. Caption The interior surfaces (walls, bar, lights) are covered with a “skin” made of familiar materials (plywood, black iron sheets, granite) processed with a contemporary way employing novel techniques both in terms of design (scripting) and fabrication (CNC milling machine, Plasma Cutter). Caption... En savoir plus

Projet • By Atmosphere DesignLabBureaux

Adl-Mecone office facade and interior

The project consists of a four-story commercial building in Ernakulam, India. The design called for efficiency-oriented structure with minimal sacrifice for aesthetics. Being in a tropical humid climate, a climate responsive façade was required to reduce operating costs. These criteria led to the conception of a perforated Corten steel curtain wall encompassing the four-story structure. In the context of an indistinguishable concrete fabrication, the building ensures a rigid identity and a probable landmark.   Facade The façade is made using weathering steel-a steel alloy which forms a stable rust-like appearance after exposure to weather for several months. The rusting process facilitated by the forces of nature and p... En savoir plus

Projet • By LMN ArchitectsUniversités

Voxman Music Building

Celebrating musical performance at every turn; embracing collaboration and exploratory student-driven education.The Voxman Music Building celebrates musical performance at every turn, embracing a collaborative and exploratory student-driven model of education that treats every space as performance space. The building shares this sense of musical discovery with the community through a transparent expression. Conceptually, the pattern of streets and open spaces in the mixed-use district of Iowa City extends directly into the multi-level interior spaces, cultivating a sense of vertical urban vitality and embracing its downtown civic presence.The six-story, 184,000-square-foot building is situated between the campus and the downtown core o... En savoir plus

Projet • By Schollglas Sachsen GmbhCentres commerciaux

Chadstone Shopping Center 'The Fashion Capital'

Almost touching the sky at Chadstone‘The Fashion Capital’ The self-supporting, curving glass roof in Melbourne was con-structed using GEWE-therm®sun 4SG thermal insulation glaz-ing. International Architects: Callison RTKL UK-Ltd based in London in collaboration with Melbourne Architect: The Buchan Group, Atelier One structure engineers and façade specialist seele have created a breath-taking free-form grid shell structure constructed from steel and glass at the Chadstone ‘The Fashion Capital’ in Melbourne,Australia. The gently curving roof appears to rest on the building like a delicate shawl. In reality the construction’s domed and vaulted steel elements, which arch over the two-storey passages of what the operators call “Australia’s pre-e... En savoir plus


Cirrus System

Eye Beacon et Prototype II sont des prototypes pour un système de structure membranaire multifonctionnel, appelé Système Cirrus, qui est développé pour servir de façade, d'une deuxième peau ou d'une structure d'abris. Cirrus System se compose des panneaux paramétriques 3D de haute performance textile entièrement tendues par nos profilés et nos connecteurs spéciaux en noyer en acier inoxydable. Le PTFE est non seulement très résistant mais aussi translucide et léger. Outre son apparence unique, Cirrus System est prévu d'être utilisé en plus comme élément léger, eau de pluie et récolte d'énergie solaire ainsi que protecteur solaire. En savoir plus


Renovation of "Kanban-Style" building

*Style KANBAN ; Architecture d'affichage, construite au début de la période Showa. En général, le rez-de-chaussée est utilisé comme espace commercial, avec des vitrines en façade. La demande du client était simple. Premièrement, conserver la façade de l'architecture Billboard. Deuxièmement, d'appliquer une mise à niveau sismique pour résister aux tremblements de terre. Jérémie Souteyrat Il y avait une boutique de tailleur fermée depuis plus de dix ans. Le bâtiment existant était presque abandonné, et les dégâts étaient désastreux. Bien que cela semblait impossible, le client so... En savoir plus

Projet • By SO/AP architectesEspaces verts urbains


GENERAL DESIGN: The bias of SO/AP agency was to design an urban pattern generated by tools for parametric programming. The urban grid, the study of heights and typology of housing are the optimized results from simulations between a 3D parametric design software, and software for environmental analysis. All data as solar radiation, natural lighting condition, thermal performance and water consumption have been integrated to the urban design from the beginning. A urban grid with 20/20m plots - 10m spaced -, is at first uniformly contorted to have the optimize pattern following the contour lines on slopping fields. The simulating of solar potential generates two progressive areas of highest building. It defined two urban attractive ar... En savoir plus