Zorlu Center

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The Zorlu Center Site is just at the junction of the Bosphorus Bridge European connection and the glamorous Büyükdere axis that connects the city center with the great business district Maslak.

The ground is reconstructed by a topographical interpretation, with a kind of shell that is transformed into an in-between layer for the different functions combined in the complex. The shell starts from the Boulevard Level, with a Public Square at the meeting point with the city, and rises towards south and east. It is split into two arms seperated by level differences, in order to overcome the dichotomy between the private and the public. The inner route, the Public Topography reaches to the 28m. higher Urban Balcony with the marvellous Bosphorus view. The outer ring ends up with a height of 32m creating the Private Topography of the residential units.

Just in the center, at the Boulevard Level is the Piazza surrounded by the retail units, that strives for creating an alternative public space. The Concert Hall of 2500 people capacity has an entrance amphi as a continuation of the Public Square and the Piazza, that offers a semi-closed space for alternative performances.

The terrace flats under the shell, are equipped with large gardens on the first level, and with large terraces on the upper levels enjoying the Bosphorus view. They are reached through the linear open air atrium, quite rich, lighted and cheery space. The rest of the residential units form three identical towers, detached from the shell with “piloti” and their structural formation continues the horizontal projections of the terrace flats, without turning into symbolic elements of the complex.

Zorlu Centre

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Zorlu Centre in Istanbul is one of the largest mixed-use development areas in Europe. The project is situated on a hill in the centre of the city, overlooking the Bosphorus. In its courtyard IJreka Playgrounds constructed a playzone based on a design by the Dutch design and engineering bureau Carve. The playzone is accessible for everyone including the residents and visitors of the Zorlu Centre.

The design includes several unique elements with playground equipment for different age groups. The two towers in the playzone with respectively three and four floors are built up to 10 meters high, providing a beautiful view over the entire park. They are constructed with a steel frame and cladded with NobelWood. It provides a natural and luxury appearance in the public area.

With a varying color palette the design has a playful ambiance suiting all the elements for children and all the leisure objects. For a special atmosphere in the evening unique lampposts with LED-lights are placed in the mid-section of the playzone. They offer a beautiful view during nighttime for the surrounding buildings and apartments.

Zorlu Center Zorlu Center is Going to be the New Attraction Center of Istanbul

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The project that is currently being carried out has been selected among 117 international architect offices’ studies in the project contest, organized by Zorlu A. Ş.. The chosen project is a collaborate enterprize by Emre Arolat Mimarlık and Tabanoğlu Mimarlık, both of whom come into prominence with their architectural projects in our country.

The most important discriminative feature of this project is the fact that it is the first project in Turkey that encompasses the 5 most important functions. It is a Residence-Office-Shopping Center-Hotel and Performance Arts Center. The Performance arts center in particular seems to bring a new dimension to the art life in Istanbul. Worldwide famous Broadway musicals and special performances are planned to take place at this venue. Also, an agreement has been reached with a big hotel chain who have not invested in Turkey before. This hotel is planned to take place in a tower. Furthermore, office areas are planned to be established in the horizontal platform that overlooks the Shopping Center.

In the project there are three towers allotted for residences. There are 2+1 and 4.5 + 1 plan selections in the tower residences. Terrace home concept is also designed to take place on the platform beneath the towers. In this section, 1+1, 2+1, 4+1 selections are present. These houses have terrace gardens in the front.

Social areas have also been designed for the residences that take place in the project. These mainly consist of pools, sports areas and open areas… Entrance to these areas apart from the project owners will be prohibited. The project is advantageous as it has a special view due to its situation on a high landscape. The majority of the houses overlook the Bosphorous and the Marmara Sea.

At Zorlu Center, m2 prices range between 11000 and 17500 American dollars, which indicates the fact that this is the most costly project in İstanbul… Presently, the sales have exceeded %30. The date for handing out the project is established as the end of 2012.

Zorlu Center Facts and Figures

100 000 m2 land

615 885 m2 construction

75 000 m2 green area

120 000m2 recreation area

3 residence towers; 584 homes, 4 outdoor 1 indoor swimming pool, 3000m2 sports center

50 000m2 Performance Arts Center; the big lounge that accommodates 2300 persons, the small lounge that accommodates 750 persons,

20 000 m2 Office Areas

100 000m2 Shopping Center; 200 shops, a movie theater that accommodates 2500 persons

8000 m2 main shops…


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