Zhongxun Time Square, Chongqing

Zhongxun Time Square, Chongqing

Puri Lighting Design
Nanbin Road East, Chongqing, China
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Zhongxun Time Square, Chongqing

Puri Lighting Design en tant que Lighting Design.

The entire construction area of Zhongxun Times Square is about 130,000 square meters, which is the No.1 commercial work of Chongqing Danzishi CBD headquarters. Among them, a 35,000-square-meter commercial volume consists of super-high 5A grade A office buildings, business skirt buildings and open blocks. Zhongxun Times Square is adjacent to Chaotianmen Yangtze River Bridge, which is the first-class A office building in the 2.7 million square headquarters cluster of Danzishi CBD and the most influential landmark building in Danzishi CBD.


In the podium position, we want to highlight Chongqing's " mountain". Chongqing belongs to a mountain city, and the city is full of stairs. Our podium building is shaped like a stepped arc, and the implication of the architect is to show the landform of Chongqing mountain city. We fully understood the architect's idea, and at each floor of the podium where the shape changed, the shape was expressed and exaggerated by adding light bands. In addition, the facade of the podium is made of perforated aluminum plates to show the light and transparent visual effect of the building. We have hidden the light source behind the perforated aluminum plate, so that the perforated aluminum plate can have light at night, thus increasing the visual effect of the perforated plate.


In the tower position, we want to highlight Chongqing's " water". Chongqing is the junction of Jialing River and Yangtze River. We used small projection lights to create the effect of " water drops". These " water drops" are arranged on the facade of the tower in an arc shape, and can form changes of running water or rhythmic changes of beating in coordination with the setting of the control system. We asked lamp manufacturers to cooperate with us in making special lamps for light distribution so as to form spots that look like drops of water.


Cost control of a single square meter is the biggest shining point of this project. Our plan is 50% lower than Party A's budget in the previous period. Now the cost per square meter is 20 yuan/㎡. This project has realized the employment of high-quality lamps to achieve first-class night lighting effects. Thus, the key element to both effect and cost is a reasonable lighting scheme.


At night, the whole building looks glittering and translucent. The water-drop lamps of the tower interact with the line lamps of the podium and the inner light transmission behind the perforated plate. Due to the simple and elegant monochromatic design of 3000K, the curved lines of the building are fully displayed.

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