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Zero Zero Restaurant

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Zero Zero Restaurant

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With Liqui’s pizzeria design for Zero Zero, our client wanted their customers to have a relaxed dining experience within a luxury setting. Our contemporary restaurant design uses strong architectural features combined with a subtle mix of high-quality materials to give the interior a luxurious feel.

A long, standout counter, wraps around the central pizza oven on three sides, so that customers can sit and watch while their artisanal pizzas are made by hand right in front of them. This creates a bit of theatre and gives the restaurant an opportunity to promote the range and freshness of its high-quality ingredients. Being a key element in the pizzeria design, the front of the counter is clad in bespoke ceramic tiles that contrast with the light marble of the countertop and walls. The same marble is used together with dark wood to delineate different areas of the floor space throughout this luxury interior design.

Brass is also a key material, giving a warmth to the airy space. It is used for the tall balusters of the otherwise all-white spiral staircase. In addition, it makes up the open box frames that are suspended above the tables and which serve to bring the tall ceiling down to a more human scale. Also, hammered brass has been chosen for the shoal of sculptural forms that drift over the central counter area creating an eye-catching installation that separates this pizzeria design from the usual traditional approach.

This is a flagship restaurant design for the fledgling Zero Zero brand, but it is intended that elements from our luxury interior design will be carried through to smaller venues and other sites such as airport ‘kiosks’. Our interior designers have considered this throughout the design process creating a strong, identifiable look that ties in with the overall brand identity.

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