Youth center for creative activities

Youth center for creative activities

Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia
Villanueva Serena , Spain | View Map
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Youth center for creative activities

Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia en tant que Architectes.

... Dwarfing water (or how a warehouse turns into space of young creation) *

A water tank. A hermetic, dark water tank, without doors. A water tank with walls of three meters and a half wide where was nobody. Only water.

After emptying it...

We decide to open holes. The first hole to enter. And once inside, we did more holes. As many as we needed. We made holes in the walls to pass from a site to other one, in the vaults to have light and to see how the place was, we even made holes to go up to the cover. From the cover we look inside a hole and we saw...

A place to do cinema, to play music, place to paint, a place for theatre, with computers and mixing desk to record, a place with an oven to cook ceramics, to reveal photography, to do exhibitions, a place with books and guitars, to see movies, a place to teach and especially, a place to learn.

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