Ciclostile Architettura en tant que Architectes.

Ciclostile Architettura + Estudio PKMN are one of the five offices selected for the second phase of YAP MAXXI 2014, the annual program for the promotion and support of young architecture organized in collaboration with MoMA / MoMA PS1 in New York, Constructo in Santiago, Chile, the Museum of Modern Art in Istanbul and MMCA National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul.

PICNICTOPIA from PICNIC picnic /pik'nik/ s. m. (in idiomatic italian, rare: romanata)[from eng. picnic, fr. Pique-nique – Breakfast, light meal made outdoors during a trip. the same trip (by analogy), combined with TOPIA from gr. τόπος – Place.

ROME_MITH AND IMAGINATION Roma is a city built on seven hills, characterized by gardens, fountains, ruins which recall the image of an ideal Garden of Eden. PICNICTOPIA, which makes possible the experience and the representation of Nature by the means of an artificial topography, become the eighth hill of the city, a new myth for MAXXI and Rome.

MODULE_10 THINGS TO DO WITH A PICNIC TABLE The basic module of the project is the picnic table. Picnic tables are simple objects which are part of our collective memory but, at the same time, they are able to activate complex relationships as well as an open and flexible usage of space.

KIT SYSTEM_ OPEN SOURCE CATALOGUE In addition to the basic module, other elements are included into the “architectural kit”. These various objects are related to the natural experience associated with the idea of picnic and are used to provide shade, seating, water and space for rest.

THE INSTALLATION AND MAXXI_SAVAGE TROPICAL FICTION The installation, mixing the different elements of the kit, offers to visitors various and unexpected urban sceneries: an hill, a waterfall, a beach, a garden and a raised stage. These sceneries define non-programmed spaces which are able to admit any program: a savage-tropical fiction turns real!

PICNICTOPIA 2.0_SECOND LIFE The best way to reduce waste production is simply not create it in the first place. All the elements of PICNICTOPIA can be re-used to create new urban spaces. PICNICTOPIA 2.0 will be open source, simple, inexpensive, flexible and durable.

MAXXICITY_URBAN MARKETING AND COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE PICNICTOPIA 2.0 is an opportunity both for the city and MAXXI. Squares, parks and streets, which are beautiful sceneries of roman public life, will be enriched and made able to host events and performances by site-specific installations sponsored by the Museum.

CONSTRUCTIVE LAYOUT_LIGHT AND SELF-SUSTAINING STRUCTURE The module selected for the installation (the picnic table) is easily packed and transported directly to the project area where it is reassembled. This process is effective both in terms of costs and of realization and all the elements which compose the installation share these characteristics.

ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY_CONTAINING COSTS The installation, due to its modularity, prefabrication and constructive layout, is effective in terms of economic feasibility and containing of costs.

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