Xipai Jinsha

Puri Lighting Design en tant que Lighting Design.

Xipai Jinsha Lighting Project is located in Qingyang District, Chengdu, Sichuan.


The design is determined to create the lifestyle of the chief canyon art of the Xipai Jinsha. The peach blossom-like tour plot runs through the traffic flow.


It was narrow at first, just enough to pass through. After several tens of steps, the way led to vast spaciousness.


Inspired by the valley, a winding, pure white narrow corridor space is opened up at the entrance to attract people. The lighting uses buried lamps with white light to project the wall, expressing the surface texture of the convex and concave staggered layers on the wall, but the simple and clean technique presents the richest landscape details. With the bending and turning of the wall, there will be a strong contrast between light and dark at night, and the level is rich.


Goodly farms, fair ponds and mulberry and bamboo thickets were to be seen everywhere.


Passing through the long and narrow entrance, you can suddenly see the landscape and reach the tranquil waterscape area like a peach blossom garden. The lighting focuses on the traffic line. Using contrasting techniques, abandoning the road surface lighting and treating the bridge-water junction, it can still lead out the movement of the park at night. Turn light and dark, and reverse thinking makes more interesting and flexible thinking for the night scene of the park.


The lighting in the exhibition area focuses on the lighting at the entrance, using point-shaped light sources to illuminate the staggered grid, grasping the most important design language of architectural design to express night lighting. Linear downlights are applied to the cornices around the building, one can be perfectly embedded in the lamps, and the other is to ensure the brightness of the surrounding of the building, and enhance the brightness for the transparent lighting effect.


The model area lighting still continues the architectural language, starting from the building blocks and details, linear lights are used to outline the architectural transition, and small buried lights are used to shape the details of the curtain wall grille. The light color of 3000K warm yellow contrasts with the entrance, giving the owner a warm sense of belonging.


Journey to the water's end, stay to watch the cloud rise. What the Jinpai Xisha gives people is the aesthetic art presentation like moving clouds and flowing water. Through the art of architecture, it presents the quiet life deep in the canyon to the world.