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70°N arkitektur

XBO Mobile Structure

70°N arkitektur en tant que Architectes.

XBO is a 12m long, 3,2m wide and 3,5m high unit that unfolded provides comfortable living in any location or contextual impact. All you have to do is to open it up and start living. The structure consists of two parts that can be pulled apart, revealing a 7m long protected garden that again might be opened to the surroundings.

The project started with 70°N arkitektur being invited to the european exhibition PARASITE – Prototypes for Amphibious, Readymade, Advanced, Small-scale, Individual, Temporary, Ecological houses. As a result of this, a prototype was developed in collaboration with a housing factory on Senja, Northern-Norway. Packed together the xbo, being the size of a container, might easily be transported on a truck.

The project focus on keeping things to a minimum, also concerning use of resources, trying to maximize the qualities of active living, light and openness, but at the same time provide the needed protection from the outside impact – to create a simple but comfortable habitation. The project blurs the boundaries between temporary and mobile architecture. On one hand it shelters all your habitation needs, on the other hand it is easily moved and it doesn’t need any external permanent infrastructure. Its design includes large glass windows; birch veneer and linoleum floor, and provides a modern and slightly luxurious feeling.

Within a framework of the two spatial qualities “being outside” and “being inside”, the plan is open to be interpreted by the inhabitants. The following elements are considered essential;

Space I: - a porch with a bench, kitchenette, closet and living room

Space II: - garden/terrace with adjustable walls, garden elements of choice (e.g. sauna) – and also a ladder leading to a rooftop terrace.

Space III: - transformable bedroom/office, shelves, simple bathroom

The xbo is a suitcase that unfolded creates a garden. It opens up to adapt to the unforeseen possibilities of each new context. In this way, the contradictory parameters of stability and change, of mutual dependency and influence, are the basis on which the project is created and related.

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