World Village of Women Sports

World Village of Women Sports

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World Village of Women Sports

BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group en tant que Architectes.

Sport – The WVOWS will be a multifunctional neighborhood comprising a whole range of physical activities, sports, fitness and wellness. From the main football field at its heart, to the gyms and auditoria, from the handball halls of the university to the laboratories of the health house and research institutes, it is an entire neighborhood committed to sport.

Women – The WVOWS is dedicated to the special requirements of women of all cultures and all ages. Special attention to the dressing facilities as well as the possibility to work out or exercise without feeling embarrassed by the presence (and gazes) of men is a significant attraction for several groups of women. Special attention to the social spaces, the urban plazas, streets and gardens provide the neighborhood with a feeling of intimacy and well-being often lacking in the more masculine industrial-style sports complexes that are more like factories for physical exercise, than temples for body and mind.

Village – like a village rather than a sports complex the WVOWS combines individual buildings with a variety of functions and spaces, pavements and gardens. The sloping roofscapes and alternating building volumes provides the neighborhood with the identity as well as variety of a village. The streets animated by publicly oriented functions for education, news, culture and commerce resemble the functional diversity of a medieval downtown.

World - the WVOWS is a Babylonian complex of hanging gardens comprising flora in the full spectrum of colors from all parts of the world. At the center the elevated common is surrounded by 360 degrees of flowers, bushes, vines and trees from the elevated courtyards to cantilevering balconies to the sloping terraces.

Kronprinsen – Kronprinsessan The utopian community of Kronprinsen combining building and landscape, open space and density, living, working and playing is reinvented in its feminine twin: Kronprinsessan, half a century later. Rather than a single structure it will be a community of independent buildings. Rather than a public interior it will be a neighborhood of pedestrian streets, plazas and passages, in immediate connection with Kronprinsens shopping galleries and the adjacent park. The orthogonal lines of Kronprinsen evolve into the diagonal slopes of Kronprinsessan. The secluded park of Kronprinsen is transformed in to the hanging gardens of Kronprinsessan. The traditional flats of Kronprinsen are developed into a variety of typologies of studios and hotel rooms, duplexes and terrace houses.

Network The WVOWS will be a network of public passages and private gardens completely woven in to the structure of the surrounding city. Like an extension rather than a blockage the new programs and streets complete the flow of people across the site. The dormant shopping complex of Kronprinsen will be fed with life from the new residents and visitors as well as from all the new streets that channel the flow of people directly to its doors.

Intimate and generous The central hall is large enough to accommodate professional football matches as well as concerts, conferences, exhibitions and flea markets. Rather than being a self centered interior hall, shut off from the surrounding city – it appears like an open and welcoming public space, visible from all of the surrounding streets – generously offering its interior life to the passers-by.

Interior common Like an interior common the sports hall’s interior reveals itself like a clearing in the city, a public space at the heart of a dense urban block.

Shopping streets and pedestrian passages As all cars are accommodated below ground, the entire neighborhood is conceived as a pedestrian quarter of intimate streets connected to the gardens above via stairs and elevators. The pedestrian streets are accompanied by shops on one side and the central sports hall on the other – always combining culture and leisure. The pedestrian network of streets plugs into the surrounding street networks as well as the interior galleries of Kronprinsen, turning it into a complete ecosystem of urban life.

Public and private The WVOWS is based on the confirmed observation that a living city requires a complementary mix of public amenities and private initiatives. A large resident population will fill the streets and gardens in the morning and evening, while students and employees as well as female (and male) athletes of all ages will populate the facilities at all times along with shoppers and passersby.

Building and Landscape The alpine silhouettes of the sloping slabs constitute a refreshing alternative to the orthogonal geometries of Kronsprinsens modernistic slabs, creating a sense of urban landscape. The varied vegetation on the elevated gardens, balconies, terraces and sloping roofs further intensify the hybrid feeling of landscape and architecture.

Living, working and playing The WVOWS will be able to support all aspects of human life. Generous living, focus work and intensive play.

Culture and commerce Combining philanthropy and profitability, sport and shop, park and parking, the WVOWS is both financially feasible and generously utopian. It is the kind of project that can inject new life and identity in to an area without the often fatal expense of public funds.

Peaks and valleys The rising and declining roofs of the WVOWS creates a neighborhood of slopes and passages rather than the traditional wall of program. Providing the residents with uninterrupted views while also inviting neighbors and by passers to enter and explore the new form of open block.

The wedge Towards the west between Kronprinsen and Kronprinsessan we propose to remove the healthcare center to a new location and create a new elongated public space. Wedged between the School and the residents and open to the south it is the perfect place for the students to hang out during the day, leaving it to the local residents and customers in the afternoon. A hard pavement populated with random trees extends the public park all the way from the park to the street.

The promenade To the east a promenade serves as the main arrival from downtown Malmø to the football games. As a generous extension of the street it serves as a wide sidewalk capable of consuming the large masses of people prior and post games.

The plaza In the northwest corner the diagonal passage arrives at the main entrance to Kronprinsans shopping and the park above. This is a natural meeting point for the neighborhood and will be freed from parking to become a plaza.

The diagonal The main diagonal is the widest of passages, kept clear to allow access to the pipeline below. Trees and outdoor serving will populate the diagonal on active days.

Archipelago of gardens The archipelago of gardens provides a public retreat above the lively (and noisy) streets below.

Venice of canals and bridges Glazed bridges connect the first floor programs as well as the gardens above.

Sportshall The central sportshall is dimensioned for football matches with 5000 spectators but can expand to double seated capacity for other events, as well as 2-4 times more for standing concerts etc. Its integration in the neighborhood allows it to remain visually open the many hours of the day when concerns of privacy or sunscreening allow it. The main entrance is located in the block to the southeast where people enter and descend to the level of the field in order to access the hall. Training field, dressing rooms etc. are placed on the lower level in the neighboring buildings flush with the football field.

Malmø høgskola Malmø høgskola is located in the southwest peak on the lower floors allowing the school to benefit of the abutting facilities as well as profiting from the possibility of lending its own facilities to the neighbors. Above the school a student residence share the access to the elevated common courtyard.

Sydsvenskan Sydsvenskans editorial offices are located on the north east corner closest to downtown Malmø on 2 main floors and an entrance level. Generous courtyards allow the daylight to travel all the way to the ground floor.

Shadows and daylight The stealthy volumes, and the distance to the neighbors ensures that no residential neighbor will suffer from the new peaks. The 45 degree rotated street grid of the passages ensure that all of the streets will have direct sun at some point of the day, significantly increasing the quality of the public space.

Solar orientation and views The blocks are proposed programmed to get the maximum benefit of the varying orientation in terms of daylight, cooling, passive solar heat gain and sunlit exterior space. The sloping surfaces improve solar reception while diminishing long shadows cast on the neighbors.

Flexibility The masterplan consists of a very simple combination of typologies. A public oriented base of 2 to 3 levels containing public programs, shops, education or offices – exploiting the good connection to the street as well as the benefits of large continuous floor plates. Above slim slabs of housing, hotel or offices are proportioned to maximize daylight, views and fresh air. If desirable the upper programs can be completed as corporate headquarters with glass covered atriums or south facing slopes of terrace houses. They can all be completed as optimized variations of the simple and universal typology of the slab. This ensures that no matter what, the original vision of the complex can be realized within the margins of the final choice of program and typology.

Phasing The WVWS can be realized in several phases. Each of the 5 plots can be realized and inaugurated independently, but can be gradually interconnected to ultimately constitute an integrated whole. The sequence of realization can also be alternated allowing the investors the flexibility of completing the components that are most urgent or marketable. Each component contains public and private elements, architecture and landscape.

Facades For the facades we propose light Ceramic tiles in combination with large well-insulated windows to maximize daylight and view, framed by wooden or aluminum mullions. The ceramic tiles will be made from various recycled materials making it a both environmentally, financially and aesthetically attractive solution. Also the ceramics echo the characteristic façade of the neighboring Kronprinsen tower, allowing us to blow new life into an ancient tradition.

Sustainability – passive house Combining optimal orientation for passive solar heat gain and daylight as well as active means ie PV panels, solar panels for hot water and geothermal infrastructure it is our aim to make a passive house development free from energy consumption for other than electrical appliances. We are currently doing a carbon free development of a million m2 in Azerbaijan as well as a 33.000m2 mixed use passive house development in Hamburg harbor, and for Malmø we would aim at the same level of sustainability exclusively utilizing initiatives and technologies that are both economically profitable and technically reliable.

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