Woolami House

Woolami House

Kerstin Thompson Architects
Woolamai, Australia
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Woolami House

Kerstin Thompson Architects en tant que Architectes.

The project is a composition of elements—garage, house, pool, tennis court and landscape buffers—arranged to create human-scaled, protected ‘in-between’ spaces, in an otherwise exposed and expansive landscape.

The house is a modest weekender: its simple steel structure, single form and single external material references local Woolamai farming sheds.

Internally, the house steps with the natural topography.

Private spaces are contained in two timber pods while living areas flow between. Carved entry and verandah spaces with sliding perforated screens allow the building to open and close to provide varying degrees of shelter, shading and privacy.

Environmentally sustainable design features/principles: - breezeways for cross flow/natural - ventilation - built form responds to existing - topography - form oriented for solar access, wind protection & views

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