Wishes tree
Javier Callejas Sevilla

Wishes tree

WaterScales arquitectos en tant que Architectes.

It takes place on a restored building from the XVIIth century in the historic center of Granada. Its courtyard appearance, similar to a corrala (housing courtyard and open air theatre), let us follow a main strategy; create an interior with theatrical references.  

Different essays, articles, poems, stories, novels and plays, written by travelers in relationship with Granada, inspire the way of transformation of each space becoming a scene. 

Ladies and gentlemen, come in to contemplate, imagine…

-Entrance. The curtain rises

The hallway receives the guests; a blue and heavy curtain marks the performance beginning.

-Courtyard, garden. Action

The courtyard is both a corrala and a garden. Flowers aromas and the nonstop murmur of a fountain keeps a tree company. A wishes tree, emblem of the hotel, focus the pilgrim’s attention and keep their written messages.

The continuous vibration of a light curtain covering all the walls surface as a background, invites being trespassed and discover the other side…

-Rooms. Scenes

On the other side, the rooms became scenes populated by stories and actors

Invisible Cities (Ciudades invisibles), Yellows Serene (Serena de Amarillos), Granada the beauty (Granada la Bella),The Balad of the Eternal Garden (Balada del Jardín Eterno), The Maese Pedro’s Altarpiece (Retablo de Maese Pedro) and so on until fifteen scenes, some of them looking for a name and an author.


Sensitivity guides the way of conforming the matter.

Tact and transparency define the different filters that guest has to cross. From the solid and enigmatic blue velvet of the entrance curtain, till the light and suggestive gauze which cover the walls of the courtyard.

Light strands define the geometry of the stainless steel bars of the wishes tree. Pilgrim’s wishes as a memory of their stay, seems like hanged sparkling leafs on the different branches.

Scenes receive the visitor with surprising materials which transform its space; color tubes, stamped metal, shinny stars, aromas, reflections, colors, fishes, water... what it’s precise to let the guests dreaming.

Material Used:

1. Stainlees steel bars. Matte finish

2. Stainlees steel plate. Rough finish

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