Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

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Wine Cellar

Spectrum en tant que Architectes.

The commission from the one of the biggest wine maker in Georgia was to design a Tasting Room with an infrastructure capable of revealing to visitors the geography and characteristics of the vineyards of local wines.

In our approach of the design of wine shop was 8000 wine making history of Georgian culture. The design intention was to highlight the production character of a vineyard and referenced on earthy materials: metal, bricks and wood.

The main feature of the designs are the unique details, which are functional as well as aesthetically pleasant what has direct and indirect connection to long lasting wine making tradition in Georgia.

Interactive map on the wall, a huge stone table, the wine shelf shaped like the 5th century Georgian ornament - these are just the part of the interesting features the visitor can discover while walking around the cellar.

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