Wight Mountain Addition

Wight Mountain Addition

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Wight Mountain Addition and Renovation

pentArchi en tant que Architectes.

The client wish was to add a simple carport next to the main dwelling purely for practical reasons. With the idea of the new car abode next to the acreage residence the dilemma of where to enter the house needed to be re-addressed.

This gave the opportunity to create different outdoor rooms and courtyards which were subsequently added to the perimeter.

Between the new garage and an awning roof a new courtyard creates a gathering arrival area, with juxtaposing roof pitches. Thus a pseudo language was set up for the other stages of the intervention along the northern and southern elevations.

The new outdoor dining room roof mimics the slope of the main dwelling roof with plenty of natural ventilation and low edge walls creating a cosy Al fresco dining ambience.

The space flows on to the adjacent semi-outdoor room with exposed stained rafters and uniform finishes.

The brief was successfully achieved by extending the house in a way that the additions unify the home, add outdoor living and blend in to appear as part of the original tectonic.

This project was entered in the AIA 2012 small projects Brisbane Regional Awards

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