WGV Casino and Old Guardhouse

WGV Casino and Old Guardhouse


Stuttgart, Germany
Année du projet
Andreas J. Focke
Fiche technique du produit

ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Surface mounted adjustable spotlightBEGA
Double lightFlos
Linear lighting systemXal GmbH
Deep recessed LED spotlightACDC
Tubular ceiling mounted luminaireArtemide
Wall recessed floor washlightErco

Fiche technique du produit
Surface mounted adjustable spotlight
Double light
by Flos
Linear lighting system
Deep recessed LED spotlight
Tubular ceiling mounted luminaire
Wall recessed floor washlight
by Erco

WGV Casino and Old Guardhouse

PFARRÉ LIGHTING DESIGN en tant que Lighting design.

In this project, the challenge for the lighting designers was as complex as the topography of the site: three terraced levels in the casino and the gardens, adjacent a protected historical building – the „Old Guardhouse“, skylights with enormous dimensions, etc.. With our lighting concept we wanted to give carefully considered answers to all the various themes and architectural details. We did not want to push any lighting elements in the foreground, with one exception: the floating group of dodecahedron-shaped pendants, designed especially for the event space in the Old Guardhouse.

Lighting concept The Casino roof is divided in three ceiling slabs with long skylights in between. Within these slabs LED-baffles have been developed in close co-operation with the architects and acoustic planners to provide smooth indirect ambient lighting for the casino. In addition, custom made, glare-reduced LED-spotlights provide direct light for the tables.

At one side of the long skylights, a strong colorful artwork enhances the architectural concept. A LED strip, located on the opposite side of the skylight, illuminates the artwork, in order to boost its effect also during the blue hour and in the evenings. Apart from the direct lighting effect, the reflection of the illuminated artwork creates a very pleasant, smooth gradient of colors on the light architectural surfaces, changing according to the position of the viewer.

In the Guardhouse, dodecahedron-shaped, custom-made pendant luminaires float in a random fashion through the multi-used event space. They were executed with dimmable fluorescents, in three different dimensions.

The terraced gardens act as a visual extension of the interior casino. This architectural composition is enhanced by linear uplighting for the dividing concrete slabs and vegetation, and with a soft wallwash for the Old Guardshouse‘s facade. Balanced lighting levels, both horizontal and vertical, support this spatial approach and create a enjoyable atmosphere.

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