WetterOnline, Bonn Residential and Office Buildings

WetterOnline, Bonn Residential and Office Buildings

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Bonn, Germany

Henrik Schipper

Twins on the Rhine

Jung HQ en tant que Fabricants.

Directly behind the Bonn docks and overlooking the Siegaue Nature Reserve, stand the twin buildings of “Dock House” and “Weather House”. The former home to high-quality freehold flats, the latter to the head offices of WetterOnline. The Weather House office building, located upriver, has three full floors and a smaller penthouse level situated above its 16 x 16 metre footprint, including a flood-proof underground car park beneath its foundation. From the outside, the building presents a striking image with the large glazed surfaces of its façade. The interior of the Weather House meets KfW efficiency standard 70 thanks in part to highly insulated windows and building insulation well above legally required standards. Due to its location on the Rhine and the building’s high level of structural requirements, heat exchangers fed by a groundwater well provide cooling and heating The Weather House is equipped with JUNG’s intelligent KNX system. Compact room controllers regulate room temperature by heating or cooling the offices, while CO₂ sensors in the hallways ensure a healthy indoor environment by measuring values such as relative humidity, air temperature and CO₂ levels. When the measured values exceed set limits, fans connected via the KNX system are switched on in the bathrooms and basement. CO₂ levels can also be displayed by integrating them into system visualisation.

Lighting and shutters can be conveniently operated using oversized F40 push-button sensors. The weather station from JUNG turns exterior lights on or off depending on the amount of daylight available as well as regulates sunscreens and monitors wind speed in order to move the shutters into a secure position if necessary. The Facility Pilot Server, a rail-mounted device, enables system operation on a variety of monitors throughout the building.

The entire electrical installation has been carried out in the classic LS 990 series of switches, mostly in aluminium, the rest in white. The LS 990 switch has become renowned over the past 40 years for quality and clean lines, while the timeless design of its slim frames allow it to blend harmoniously into any surroundings.

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