Weston Common
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Weston Common

Entro en tant que Consultants.

Entro turned to the use of vibrant colours, inspired by a community’s cultural richness and the hues used by a famous group of local painters, to help animate and create a new community space dedicated to the arts. Located just outside of Toronto, Weston Common’s Artscape Hub was created to build on the community’s existing creativity and cultural richness, offering a new and vibrant central gathering place for people to come together to create, learn and celebrate the arts both indoors and outdoors.


Featuring over 20,000 sqf of space for art studios, gatherings and community events, the project also adds new housing to the area with 360 rental apartments for the public and 26 affordable live/work spaces for artists and their families.


For the brand identity and visual brand language, Entro incorporates saturated, bold colours and traditional textile weaving patterns. This was inspired by the mosaic of multicultural traditions one encounters when visiting Weston, which is home to a rich diversity of both newcomers and long-term residents.


The colour palette is also suggestive of the hues used by the Group of Seven painters, tying in both the local context and the theme of Canadian art. As Weston Common is close to a major transit hub, the typeface chosen is Johnson, the same one used for the London Underground, giving a subtle nod to the importance of transit to any new urban development.


With a community-led vision to make Weston Common ‘a gathering place that welcomes and is open to the whole of this community’, this hub is the result of an innovative partnership and true exercise in placemaking between Artscape, the City of Toronto, the Rockport Group and capital partner Woodbourne Capital Management.


Material Used:

1. Facade cladding- Paint applied to brick and concrete. The brick was cleaned and sealed before the paint was applied to achieve a long-lasting application.

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