Wellton Part Apartments

Wellton Part Apartments

Buro 108
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Dmitry Chebanenko
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LightingKARMAN Srl
TV standCattelan Italia spa
LightingDelta Light
Kitchen: VintagePedini

Fiche technique du produit
TV stand
Kitchen: Vintage
by Pedini
by B.Lux

Wellton Part Apartments

Buro 108 en tant que Architectes.

We designed this interior for a family of four members: parents and their two children, four- and seven-year-old boys.


From the beginning the apartment was overloaded with room partitions that occupied too many square meters. Therefore we decided to demolish literally everything and to start from scratch. Another challenge was the orientation of windows, many of them were facing the north. The rooms were dark and looked smaller than they really are. In order to fill them with air and light we had to use a lot of white color in the wall décor.


The family requested a big living room where they could spend time together. There are many premises in this apartment, all of them relatively small in size. The ideal solution therefore was the sliding doors that helped us solve several tasks: saving the space, bringing the rooms together and thus avoiding the feeling of closeness. In addition we used hidden doors painted in the color of the walls and due to that almost invisible.


Natural materials prevail in this interior. The parquet floor is made of thermo treated oak boards from Switzerland - they are resistant to humidity and damages. For the master bathroom we chose teakwood. Most of the walls are painted; some of the surfaces were coated with decorated stucco imitating concrete and some were covered with wallpapers. One of the walls in the (master?) bedroom is decorated with 3D plaster panels.


The interior is designed so as to be easily transformed in the future and to live its own life.


LIVING ROOM The rooms seemed to be smaller and darker because of the north-facing windows. The white color used for the surface decoration helped reduce this feeling and fill the apartment with air and light. The center of attention in the room is a bright painting by the artist from Kiev Alena Kuznetsova.


The door leading to the (master?) bedroom is almost invisible: it's painted in the colour of the walls and hidden behind the eye-catching decorative moldings. Wall moldings make the living room look original: conventional materials reinterpreted in an unconventional way do their job. TV unit by CattelanItaliа; sofa, lounger and armchair by Ditre Italia; chandelier by Galotti &Radice; coffee table made of marble and brass by Poliform.


KITCHEN Challenge and solution. Having chosen a contemporary design style as a basis for the interior the client suddenly changed her mind and preferred to have a classic kitchen. Luckily kitchen manufacturers offer countless possibilities, and we managed to find a model that matches the overall design concept. The two styles – classical and contemporary – are combined by means of a bright turquoise backsplash that contrasts with the warm and soothing tones of the kitchen facades.


Kitchen appliances by Miele, Liebherr, Bosch; kitchen by Pedini (model «Vintage»); tiles of the backsplash by Tonalite; chandelier (ceiling lamp?) by Foscarini; recessed luminaires by Delta Light; chairs by Sedit.


BEDROOM Mirrors placed in front of the windows and several lamps make up for the shortage of natural sunlight. The surface behind the bed is decorated with rounded wall lamps by Vibia that provide soft area lighting. Transparent legs keep the bed floating. Reading lamps by Leds; bed and hanging nightstands by Pianca.


According to the floorplan there is a walk-in dressing room between the bedroom and the master bathroom. Such positioning is very convenient in use. The entire area of the dressing room is occupied by wardrobes and various storage systems. The mirrors are fixed on both door sides. The bathroom and the dressing room are divided by means of a glass partition. The ceiling in the two rooms is painted in dark graphite which gives the feeling of one big space.


You can get from the (master) bedroom into the dressing room through the sliding door. The eye-catching detail here is a wide window sill made from a whole slab that serves as a dressing table. Palm Springs Wallpapers by Kenneth James.


MASTER BATHROOM White was the color chosen for the master bathroom as the background one. The walls here were partly covered with marble effect porcelain stoneware, partly painted and partly coated with ceramic tiles. The floor is made of water-resistant teakwood. Behind the big mirror panel there is a built-in closet. Sink by Arbi; tap by Kludi.


KIDS ROOM Both kids in this family are boys of primary school age. The parents decided that it would be more fun for their children to live together in one room. There is enough space for play in the room; the writing desk is an extension of the window sill; the height of both beds was raised to 150 cm in order to provide extra storage space in the lower part. The room is soundproofed, so the kids can play and make noise without disturbing their parents and neighbors. Owl Lamp by Karman.


KIDS BATHROOM The interior of the kids’ bathroom was designed for growth, so you won't find any typical kids’ patterns here. Descreet but not boring interior design implied special laying of tiles. Rhombus form emphasized by the contrasting yellow joints adds dynamic energy to the interior. The layout pattern is an interpretation of trees and leaves. Bathtub by Hafro; double sink by Geromin; taps by Kludi; sanitary fittings by Galassia; lighting fixtures by Delta Light; tiles by Equipe.


HALLWAY The hallway connecting the living room with the kids' and guest rooms is long enough. It was divided into two parts: in one of them the ceiling and the walls were painted in the sunshine yellow, and that made the hallway visually shorter. Several doors situated in this small area were aptly camouflaged.


GUEST BATHROOM There was no guest bathroom in the original layout, it was added later by request of our clients. We chose a warm paint color for the walls. The functionality of the room was reduced to the minimum. There is a built-in closet for storing household possessions in the niche that appeared after rearranging. Pastel colored wall tiles by Equipe; sanitary fittings by Hatria; tap by Kludi.


1. Kitchen: Pedini Vintage
2. Carpets: Dovlet house
3. Furniture: Cattelan Italia, Pianca, Poliform, Ozzio
4. Sofas: Ditreitalia, Sedit, Vibieffe
5. Lighting: Delta Light, Axo Light, Fabbian, Karman, Foscarini, SLV, B.lux, Gallotti & Radice

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