WCirle - Futuristic Bathroom

WCirle - Futuristic Bathroom

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a smart, eco-friendly bathroom facilitating a modern experience while optimizing use of space to maintain a minimal footprint.

Charbel Tawil Design en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.


Jumpthegap International Design Competion 2016-2017
Selected as one of the 3 finalist projects out of 6,054 participation from 134 countries
Organized by Roca and BCD Barcelona Spain
Patrik Schumacher, director of Zaha Hadid Architects and president of the jury
Isabel Roig, general director of BCD Barcelona Design Centre
Benedetta Tagliabue, director of EMBT and the Enric Miralles Foundation
Josep Congost, design and innovation director at Roca
Valentin Vodev, founder of the company VELLO
Xavier Torras, communication director at Roca and director of the We Are Water Foundation 

WCircle is a smart, eco-friendly bathroom facilitating a modern experience while optimizing use of space to maintain a minimal footprint. Its main interface consists of a central revolving pod, rotating to provide either of three essential functions of everyday use: the wash basin, the toilet seat, and the shower. This capsule is essential for living environments with minimal space such as dorms, studio apartments. Additionally, it provides opportunities for those to add such function in an outdoor living area.
This innovative pre-built capsule has a self-cleaning system, and a grey water filtering technology that makes use of an easy unified.

The entire volume of the revolving structure composed of three functions expands into a circular ‘user space’. The plumbing system is located in the center of the revolving structure. The inner and outer body of the capsule is of water and weatherproof materials, consisting of natural minerals combined with high resistance resins allowing outdoor placement if needed. The revolving system allows the user, while in standing position, to switch from one function to another, alternating, depending on desired use, between wash basin, toilet seat, and shower.
The capsule design consists of sliding glass doors and wall to ceiling glass windows, saving energy by reducing the consumption needed to light its interior when placed near a window or outdoors due to the use of light sensors contacted to the bulb. On the outside of the capsule 4 haptic touch buttons are provided. Once the user selects the desired option, sliding doors automatically open and the revolving structure rotates according to selection. Once inside the capsule, user also has the option of switching between functions with another set of waterproof touch buttons located on one of the fixed walls. The automatic-cleaning happens in the sealed compartments that consisting of a grid of high-pressured water and soap jets, along with hot air dryers. Due to the presence of two compartments at every time, the user could occupy one function while other two functions automatically clean themselves in order to maximize time efficiency.
In addition, the user may pre-program many scenarios to their needs, as auto cleaning schedule, privacy mode, and dimming or changing color of the LED ceiling light to create desired mood and enhance bathrooms experience.
The greywater from the washbasin, shower, and auto-cleaning use is recycled by a filtering and disinfecting system, directed to the toilet flushing system as well as to a 50 liters storage container under the washbasin.

WCircle is a holistic solution. It replaces the traditional bathroom which requires selecting the walls and floor finishes, sanitary fixtures, faucets, accessories, storage units, lighting, waterproofing, and complex pluming. The concept of the bathroom becomes a single device that can be inserted into any space like a piece of furniture.
In addition to the time and effort needed to build a toilet, WCircle requires a smaller floor space than other bathrooms that have three main functions, while maintaining reasonable circulation space.


3D Renders by Hassan Mourad
Layout design by Jihane Chartouni
Know more about the competition at Jumpthegap.

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