Water Treatment Station

Water Treatment Station

Otxotorena Arquitectos S.L.
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Water Treatment Station of Benidorm

Otxotorena Arquitectos S.L. en tant que Architectes.

The proposal remodels and updates the Water Treatment Station of Benidorm, collaborating with the engineering office in charge of renovating and refurbishing the whole water station facilities: first, to obtain a functional improvement of the buildings that make up the plant, completing the initially established program with changing rooms, toilets and other servant spaces in the control and management area; and, secondly, to make an environmental integration and a specific improvement of the overall image of the built complex. In fact, it’s marked by a massive and industrial appearance, given its significant presence and impact in the perceptual quality of the urban environment.

The approach wants to meet the technical requirements of the Town Hall in the sense that those works should address not only the practical efficiency of the new facility, but also of its visual and environmental impact.

The project opts for a series of solutions that try to take care of solvency, efficiency and visual quality, economy and ease of incorporation into works execution process. And includes two main actions: in first instance, a redesign of the control building, with a review of its program of spaces and uses, for operation and management; and secondly, the mainstreaming of cladding elements, fencing and visual coverage of various elements of the installation in the full extent of the complex, with the effect of mitigating its brownfield image.

After considering various options,the final choice is an enclosure tone metallic sheet, called to print the look of lightness volume, sophistication, elegance and modernity. It also works on the gaps and openings to the outside or scenic spot, acting so as if lookouts on the entire system, with the eventual support of eaves and sun protection devices, sensitive to the orientations of facades.

Priority issue to be considered was the longitudinal elevation of the architectural complex. It is understood the need for economical solutions of appropriate scale to each case and, moreover, simple and accessible in their manufacture, installation conditions and maintenance requirements. Hence, the choice of a simple and flexible system for modular coating as part of a pattern could be repeated on different surfaces with different heights. The basis is a simple metal structure on a concrete foundation, which supports a steel sheet folded that is perforated with a pattern of circular holes dither major proportions; it provides a moderate degree of transparency.

Architect and construction management

Juan M. Otxotorena


Collaborator architects

Gloria Herrera, Juan González, Pedro Palencia


Quantity surveyor

Ignacio Quintana


Facilities engineering

Benidorm Town Hall, Aquagest Levante



Benidorm Town Hall, Aquagest Levante


Construction company


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