VR House

VR House

Monterrey, Mexico
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VR House

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The project is a small intervention inside a 70’s house. It was an abandoned house some years ago and the client had the intention of recovering its quality to inhabit. By the demolition of some interior walls and the suppression of the suspended ceiling in the transition spaces, spacious rooms in a horizontal and vertical way were obtained. With the use of different materials in some elements, more illuminated and transparent spaces were generated. Trough this simple intervention in some elements of the house like doors, windows, openings and finishes, new visual conexions between the old structure and the space are created.

The walls were painted in a light color to reflect the most quantity of light possible coming form the exterior. The house have some very good courtyards with deciduous trees, that allows the entrance of more light in winter and in summer a lot of shade is produced.

In the social interior spaces the opaque doors were replaced with translucent doors that allow the entrance of light and color from the backyard to the interior.

The finishing of the carpentry, smithy and doors were made in black matt and in glossy stainless steel, creating a simpler, neutral and cleaner atmosphere in the interiors.

In the bathrooms black shinny furniture was installed with a white ceramic washbasin inserted in front of a tile wall of the same colors so that the accessories in glossy stainless steel can emphasize under a horizontal plane of mirror.

The furniture design was also an important part of the intervention in the spaces. A piece of furniture created in the living room (a white music shelve that brings out the colors of the collection of cd’s boxes of the new owners) and in the hall (a red bar embedded in the wall, with drawers that have no handles, generating an almost solid volume).

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