VOX ARCHITECTS en tant que Architectes.

Installation for Trend Rooms project.

Exhibition design projects might seem ethereal and airy for an outward view.

In VOX Architects regard this job as an ample opportunity to channel our creative potential and implement the latest design trends.

The concept of the installation is the fusion of various aesthetics: enigmatic op-art, refined and provocative modern high-tech design, overwhelming magic of VR, mesmerizing nature of cosmic phantasmagoria.

VOX Architects conceived VOX DIMENSION as a space that is transformed into a magnetically inviting zone and even an entirely alternative reality with the help of simple (or so they seem) solutions and effective materials.

Though far VOX Architects are from drawing up a manifesto, definitely see it as a work of art the goal of which is to create our OWN reality, differing from others, but legitimately present in this tangible world.

VOX Architects play with the audience and communicate our belief that plane can be multidimensional, that surface has volume, and that the circular aperture in the surface is neither exit, nor entrance, but a hint of both given by lighting. 

Fragments of reality fold up into a kaleidoscopic pattern and unfold again driven by the will of its creator and professional skills.

Dimensions are just different facets of what we tend to perceive as a reality. There are four dimensions habitual to us – length, width, depth of all the objects in the Universe and their change over time. Apart from these apparent facets there are assumed to be more… VOX DIMENSION is an alternative reality parallel to the one we live in. Things work differently there.


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Fiche technique du produit
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