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mimaristudio en tant que Architectes.

The visual concept and design work of Turkcell Platinum Lounge was done by mimaristudio after winning the design contest held by Turkcell.

Project is realised in Volkswagen Arena which is a part of UNIQ Istanbul complex that is used for hosting live events such as concerts, fashion shows, award ceremonies, dance and theater shows along especially with basketball games. The space is planned to accommodate various corporate invitations, promotions and events hosted by Turkcell throughout the year and also to host their special guests during the organizations held in VW Arena such as games. In this context client’s directions and experiences combined with the creative approach of the architectural team resulted as the design of a dynamic entertainment and hosting venue.

As they enter the VW Arena and pass through the private entrance and security points, Turkcell's invitees reach the hosting venue by taking the elevator that reaches directly to the floor. They perceive a long rectangular space which has one longer side opening to tribunes and other to the terraces.

The most important requirement in the venue was to host guests in a comfortable and pleasant environment with an adequate lighting that suits the purpose of the space. In this regard, mimaristudio made use of the long geometry by forming a number of repeating, hosting areas integrated with the lighting design. The design which intended not to interfere with the current structural and architectural character of the space, considered the front of each column as a different hosting point. At each of these points, corporate identity was indicated by both aluminium chain curtains that surround the columns and the ceiling plates which were designed by mimaristudio. The geometry of the plates is projected on the floor pattern to reinforce this effect.

Space is designed to provide comfort for the guests on both sitting and standing positions. Along with the carefully selected purchase products, custom made objects that were specially designed, manufactured and applied by mimaristudio to complete the specific material and color palette of the space were also used. Both purchase and design products were considered as natural extension of the interior as in all projects of mimaristudio.

Along with those fine details of interior architecture, the lighting also had an important role forming the identity of the space. The lighting design which outstands with its night mode was carried out with Light 2 Design and Crealux companies under the leadership of mimaristudio. The amount, illuminance and hue values for the lighting were calculated in accordance with the usage requirements and the architectural quality of the space to provide ideal comfort and usage conditions. The luminaire selections were made accordingly. During the lighting work, the dramatic lighting expectation of the architectural group were taken as reference. LED technology fixtures were chosen and system can be controlled from a simple interface to create different scenarios for different usage requirements.

Along with these design decisions, logos with lighting and graphic designs of company mottos applied with foils were also used to emphasize the corporate identity. The design of these graphics were made with client collaboration while applications on the site were realised by Future-Ist.

The project not only met the expectations of the client group by providing an interior which the guests sense the strong identity of the client in a comfortable setting, but also reached mimaristudio's goal by adding value to the international complex which it is situated.

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