Vivood Landscape Hotel

Look Composites en tant que Fabricants.

Look Composites participated in the expansion of the spectacular Hotel Vivood, a fabulous hotel with charm. The property, who design their hotels themselves, chose the P.R.F.V. for the manufacture and assembly of the palisades in the new villas of the Hotel Vivood. With a modular design, adapted to the structure of the villas, more than 200 palisade panels were manufactured based on P.R.F.V. pultrusion profiles, more than 20 different models. These installed panels form a palisade that wraps around the villa and gives it privacy.

- Prefabricated panels, easy to transport and install.
- Lightness of the set to avoid loading structures.
- Good behavior outdoors and near the sea.
- Natural appearance and movement of the profiles.
- Low maintenance.

The palisade of P.R.F.V. They are the exterior look and the terraces of these modern villas with Jacuzzi. The mass color chosen by the property, as well as the design, are a very prominent aesthetic element, in addition to its practical function. Its low weight was an advantage in the installation, as well as the low maintenance required by the P.R.F.V. To the exterior.

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