Vittra school Brotorp

Vittra school Brotorp

Brotorp, Sweden
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Vittra school Brotorp

Rosan Bosch Studio en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

Rosan Bosch Studio has created a colorful and imaginative interior for the newly built Vittra school in Brotorp that supports the school’s pedagogical methods. The school seeks to offer students and teachers diverse environments depending on the learning situation and the new design is therefore an important tool in their daily life.

Vittra Brotorp has been equipped with flexible learning spaces, inviting gathering places and small niches for concentration and contemplation. The interior design gives teachers the opportunity to provide information to large groups after which the students can work on assignments individually or in small groups in the customized interior. In that way the design leads the school’s educational ideals into practice.

Vittra Brotorp has custom designed sections for three different age groups - a custom designed library and a multi-colored podium are among the conspicuous design elements. Rosan Bosch Studio has designed a common area for the kindergarten children where a green structure bays through the space in various shapes and it forms a landscape for play and exploration. The structure is built in children’s height and they will find comfort in the small pockets and niches – while at the same time adults can create an overview of the entire room.

Vittra School Brotorp is part of the Swedish free school organization Vittra. Rosan Bosch Studio has also developed interior designs for Vittra Telefonplan and Vittra Södermalm.

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