VIP Lounge of Hana

VIP Lounge of Hana


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VIP Lounge of Hana

ARCHI@MOSPHERE en tant que Architectes.

VIP lounge of Hana Bank is designed for VIP guests to experience Korean beauty and the identity of Hana Bank.

The sentiment of the Korean beauty can be expressed in a term, ’Gumleebullu Hwaleebulchi’. This term represents the humbleness and pleasant simpleness of Korean beauty and spirit. To embody this concept and atmosphere, elements such as asymmetric shape of Korean traditional eave, natural stone walls, and materials such as Hanji (a Korean traditional paper) were used.

This design stimulates foreign guests to embrace the atmospheric beauty of a Korean traditional village by its traditional surroundings. It also represents the vision and history of Hana Bank; treating guests with the utmost courtesy. As a hospitable space in which the guests are greeted with meals, the polite welcoming starts from a softly designed acrylic door knob with sensuous colors.

The overall image reminds guests of a Korean thatched house which has a sentiment of home and warmth. As a result, the lounge provides full experience of Korean tradition to the guests in a humble and simple way of beauty, rather than being luxurious or extravagant.

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