Villas Finca la Monja, Spain

Villas Finca la Monja, Spain

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Villas in Finca La Monja, Lorca, Spain

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In Finca La Monja, Murcia in the southeast of Spain van den Oever, Zaaijer & Partners architecten has designed 21 villas. The total area of the plot equals 46 hectares and is split into 21 plots of about two hectares each. Each plot may hold a detached villa with a maximum floor area of 300 square metres. The borders of the plots are set. One is free to place the villa on any chosen spot within the plot, taking into account factors such as soil quality, accessibility, view and position towards the sun. Paths within the project guide you along forests, almond groves and the smell of rosemary. The area is quite hilly and offers various views over the valley and miles of unspoiled nature and mountains. Finca La Monja borders a nature reserve that is ideal for hiking, biking and horseback riding.

Sustainable living

Corporate Social Responsibility “Mindful usage of water and energy in this sunny area is a must; this is in many ways reflected by our design. No large swimming pools, collection of rain water and usage of solar panels are a few measures that are integrated in the design. Usage, next to consumption, is an important factor in determining sustainability.

Path House The Path House is designed for steep sloping sites. Two oblong floors are partially set into the cliff face. The roof of each floor creates a terrace for the floor that’s on top of it. The three terraces are connected by big stairs creating a smooth transition from the road to the path below. One enters the house from above. A carport is situated next to the house’s entrance along the road. Stairs bring you down to the upper floor, which offers a wide view over the almond groves. Here you’ll find three bedrooms and a studio, which can be used as a guesthouse for friends and relatives. One floor further down is equipped with a big, high-ceilinged kitchen and a living room with a fireplace. Like the Terrace House, the interior and exterior spaces are divided by sliding glass panels.

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