VILLA PIEDAD. Penthouse in San Sebastian

VILLA PIEDAD. Penthouse in San Sebastian

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Francisco Berreteaga

VILLA PIEDAD. Penthouse in San Sebastian

pura arquitectura en tant que Architectes.

Inhabiting the volume.Converting the plane into livable volume.Embracing the space.These have been the obsessive aims of the project.


My chances of purchaisingmy own dwelling in the most expensive city of Spain came down to 40 square meters and my knowledge of architecture.


Villa Piedad (mercyhouse) was a two-familyhousebuilt in 1950. In the course of time, the house was divided up into 8 tiny flats. I bought one half of the under-roof space, the garret of the previous dwelling. A flat with low ceilings and divided into 5 tiny spaces with a claustrophobic central corridor.


Verdict: total demolition. Including the roof, that was in a dreadfull state. Without mercy. The outcome was an almost square space with 3 façades and a roof: 4 planes in contact with the exterior. The gruyere cheese was completed with the 7 roof-windows. All the spaces are arranged around a central partition and the bathroom is hanging over the communal stairs. JustlikeTati’shouse, everythingconnects.


The main space enjoys the view above the city. Living and working in two different levels of the same space. Connected but separated at the same time. The studio on the mezzanine turns into bedroom when friends are staying.


The kitchen opens to the east to enjoy the morning sun and enlarges laterally the living room. The bedroom is in the calmest area of the house, away from the railway.


The doors hide itselves. Every empty space is a wardrove. Every centimeter counts.


Material Used :

1. Velux – roof windows
2. parqcolor chromatic – laminate flooring - PL Abet group
3. JUNG LS 990 - switches and sockets

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LS 990 - Switches and socketsJung HQ
Roof windowsVELUX Commercial
Fiche technique du produit
LS 990 - Switches and sockets
Roof windows
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