Villa Margherita

Villa Margherita

Longiano, FC, Italy | View Map
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Lorenzo Burlando
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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Windows: Steel windows framesJansen
Interior lightingViabizzuno
n55 sospensione, N55 Lanterna
Interior lightingCariboni
Interior lightingWEVER & DUCRÉ
DEEP petit 1.0 LED
Interior furniturePEDRALI
Invisible doors, Essential doorsScrigno

Fiche technique du produit
Windows: Steel windows frames
Interior lighting
n55 sospensione, N55 Lanterna by Viabizzuno
Interior lighting
Cube by Cariboni
Interior lighting
DEEP petit 1.0 LED by WEVER & DUCRÉ
Interior furniture
Invisible doors, Essential doors
by Scrigno

Villa Margherita_talee di eleganza

Laprimastanza en tant que Architectes.

It is a historic rural building surrounded by a botanical park with centenary green species of the highest quality. It is an elegant agricultural estate embraced by a breathtaking panorama that in a single glance summarizes Romagna in the sea, countryside, hills and mountains. It is an eclecticVilla Schifanoia, a place of relaxation, well-being, a pampering for body and soul. It is an inn with restaurant, cellar and bedrooms, a place to spend a pleasant day and a magical evening. “Talee di eleganza” are sober and tiptoe grafts of contemporaneity, architecture and interior design:


Black as the night it will be a shadow among the foliage while the climbing green all around will make it a new landmark of the botanical park itself. A social table with aromatic species is the protagonist of the space for an inclusive and natural experience.


3 different atmospheres; 3 degrees of opening towards the green outside, openings, windows but also mirrors to reflect and bring in the landscape outside; 3 degrees of privacy for the user, for each table a specific light point, for an exclusive and special experience.


Living room / Bureau
Inside there is a  warm atmosphere: down here we find craftmade marblegrit ad a local agricultural heritage, up here we findnatural wooden beams, all around here we find oak wood furnitures and green walls in wood paneling that recall nature and the outdoor park.


Oniric corridor
The corridor that lead to the rooms is an inverse universe, an hungarian herringbone oak flooring is also mirrored on the ceiling and makes you lose any spatial reference, it is the beginning of the dream, for a dreamlike and relaxing experience.


For each room an exclusive light point, for each room a specific selection of green species, on the ground oak, around boiserie in neutral colors, a wall-wardrobe in mirror doubles the volumes and hides the service spaces, for an utmost sober experience. The services, entirely covered in Ceppo di Grèstone and white Calacatta marble, at the same time recall both the primordiality of a cave and the aulism of a spa.


In a barrel vaulted room entirely in brick with stained walnut furnishings there is a wine cellar and suggestive tasting room, this is the soul, the very core, the hidden heart of this rediscovered and restored inn.


Material Used :
1. Flooring: oak parquet, Prestige oak parquet, Tavar gres flooring, Norr flooring, Mirage craftsmade marble grit, MZ Zoffoli
2. Doors: Invisible doors, Essential doors, Scrigno
3. Windows: Steel windows frames, Janisol windows, Jansen
4. Roofing: Acoustic ceiling, wood fiber panels, Celenit
5. Interior lighting: Pendant light, n55 sospensione, Viabizzuno table light, n55 lanterna, Viabizzuno indoor wall light, Mensolone Traccia, Viabizzuno floor light, piantana Traccia, Viabizzuno ceiling recessed spotlight, Deep Petit 1.0, Wever & Ducrè outdoor wall light, Cube, Cariboni
6. Interior furniture: oak  wood and metal custom made furniture, Soluzioni d’Arredamento oak  wood and metal ready made furniture, Artisan, Pedrali, Gazzda, Meridiani

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