Villa Løken

Villa Løken

Brønnøya, Norway | View Map
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Jonas Adolfsen

Villa Løken

Oslotre en tant que Architectes.

This villa was built for a professionalsailor and his family on an island inthe Oslofjord.The house has a maritime touch,taking inspiration from woodenboats. The island of Brønnøyais not well suited for cars and all materials had to be transported by boat and manual labour. The home is open in alldirections to bring in light, views and nature. The building is a pure woodenconstruction built from pre-cuttimber elements insulated with wood fiber and clad with aspenand oak in the interior. The exterior is clad with reclaimed Brazilian cumaru wood from a 1950s Danish boat workshop. Thehouse is compact and space efficientyet appears open, bright, warm andgenerous.


What was the brief?
The brief asked for a compact yet spacious residence that could be efficiently and successfully built by the owners themselves. All materials had to be transported and erected manually. This necessitated an efficient building system that allowed for a high degree of prefabrication and easy transport under difficult logistical conditions. 

What materials did you choose and why? 
Wood was a natural choice given these conditions since it is both light and very precise. Wood is also a material that resonates with the maritime connection and context. Generally, our focus is on healthy and durable architecture in timber with the use of bioclimatic principles and natural ventilation.

Extensive use of timber provides a healthy indoor environment, leads to buildings with both good acoustics and fire resistance, and the possibility for natural ventilation by taking advantage of the timbers thermal and hygroscopic properties.


Environmental performance: 
64 tonnes of CO2 equivalents stored in the building structure. 
Use of non-toxic materials. Untreated wood. Pure timber construction. Natural ventilation.

Material use: 
1. Aspen and oak interior, untreated. Kumaru wood exterior facade and certified Merbau wooden deck. Precut timberframe. Woodfiber insulation. Oak windows.
2. Facade cladding: Reclaimed Brazilian cumaru wood from a 1950s Danish boat workshop
3. Windows: Oak, Scandinavian Windows, Megamas
4. Insulation: Woodfiber insulation, Hunton
5. Roofing: Cumaru
6. Interior furniture: Bulthaup

7. Doors: 
Oak, HS Portal, sliding doors, Megamas
Oak, Scandinavian Doors, Megamas

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Fiche technique du produit

Interior furnitureBulthaup
Woodfiber insulationHunton
Oak, HS Portal, sliding doors, Scandinavian Windows and DoorsMegamas
Fiche technique du produit
Interior furniture
Woodfiber insulation
by Hunton
Oak, HS Portal, sliding doors, Scandinavian Windows and Doors
by Megamas
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