Villa at Della

Villa at Della

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A Contemporary Second Home

ARK Reza Kabul Architects en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

The client had purchased two adjacent Signature Villas at Della Resorts, Lonavala. The challenge was to merge the two as one final product with clean straight lines. Minimum walls were achieved with the help of breaking down the central wall enlarging the area to greater spaces. Being a weekend home, the idea that entertainment plays a major role was kept in mind during the design process.

The exterior is made up of 50% natural stone cladding while the remaining is painted, created with modern lines in sync with the interiors of the place. Keeping the wide variety of likes and dislikes of various people on a holiday, the basement equipped with various indoor games like pool, table tennis as well as an AV room and disco area with fully equipped DJ instruments, was the most practical area to help reduce noise avoiding disturbance to the neighbor as well as away from the 6 bedroom on the above floors. Outside a courtyard along with a barbeque area has been provided to give the client an opportunity to entertain beyond the walls.

The white living room enhances the feeling of space with a calm luxurious feel. Close to the living room is the dining area with a bar counter nearby. Keeping the dining and bar area near the pool table helps one to continue a conversation between the two spaces without any break in flow.

Wood has been used at various points in the living areas especially the ceiling and wall to ignite warmth in the surroundings. The flooring of the lounge too is covered in wood helping it to transform into a dance floor on mood. Lighting plays a vital role to set different moods for the various areas. A warm and cozy feeling in the bedroom while relaxing and subtle lighting for the living area and disco lights for the lounge - dancing area helps keep up the flow.

Keeping the idea of a second home in mind, the furniture has been to a minimum with relaxing but luxurious styles. The elaborate four fixture bathrooms are also kept modern.

The property being shared by few friends of which some are vegetarian requested two types of kitchen to be designed - One for vegetarians while the other for non vegetarian cooking, enabling separate areas for both. The overall villa is a luxurious easy to maintain home with alive elaborate spaces for entertaining people with all moods and tastes.

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