Villa Adige

ARCHITETTURA ed INTORNI en tant que Architectes.

A villa articulated and extended over the entire lot, totally closed and airtight from the outside, which magically opens once you enter inside.

Located in the province of Monza and Brianza, on an area of ​​just over 900 square meters. In a context characterized by greenery and small buildings, most villas and semi-detached houses. The villa is divided into a succession of different spaces, open and closed. A sequence of courtyards, patios and gardens each with a different character on which the rooms of the house alternate.

In the villa all the spaces are visually interconnected in a spatial continuum according to an alternation of spaces and different situations. The use of perforated sheet metal as a filter permeable to the eye, air and light contributes to creating an atmosphere of penumbra and privacy in a building facing south and characterized by large windows.

The use of clear and bright materials. Travertine and light sheet metal on the outside, wood and white surfaces on the inside create warm and bright spaces.

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