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In it’s own contemporary way the design of Vesta evokes the spirit of Italian family restaurants common in North America during the 1970’s. White oak, painted pine panelling, and red leather adds familial warmth to the space. A small bar clad in beige painted steel with a white oak top was installed in the centre of the space. Just behind this is an illuminated custom wine cellar made of hot rolled steel and white oak.

The open kitchen allows views of the enormous pizza oven, which was imported from New York. The clients can equally enjoy seeing the cooks tossing pizza dough and placing toppings on the large prep countermadefrom white Carrara marble. Above this, a twenty-foot long pizza box rack was designed to accommodate the large number of take out orders.

On the walls, a series of affordable globe lights installed in pairs create an intimate lighting in the dining room. Crowing the bar is an all black dot line lamp from local lighting workshop Lambert & Fils. Indirect ambient LED lighting was embedded within the high shelf that surrounds the dinning space, as well as beneath the bar and banquettes. Two vintage flower pot lamps, designed by Verner Panton, were placed above the bus boy station and a dinning table.

The dining tables are made from 24x24 marble tiles found in liquidation with a white oak boarder. A batch of vintage dining chairs furnish the space giving the space a warm atmosphere of Italian American family cuisine. 

Material Used:

1. Red Leather

2. Porcelain Mosaic

3. Clear Glass

4. White Oak

5. Steel

6. Pine Panelling

7. Beige Tile

8. Marble

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