VDL 3532

VDL 3532

Vidal 3532, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina | View Map
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Arq. Federico Kulekdjian
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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
FabricantsAserradero Vagol
FabricantsConstruser Alvear
Processed concreteING. CASAS
Floors and CoatingsNOI ESTUDIO
FloorsPATAGONIA Flooring
FournisseursSanitarios San Martín

Fiche technique du produit
Processed concrete
Floors and Coatings

VDL 3532

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VDL 3532 is a project that articulates the value of a property with patrimonial protection, in the access and the facade, with a building of habitat units and professional studies, which adapt to contemporary ways of living, characterized by variability and Indeterminacy


It is located in a typical block of the Belgrano neighborhood, which complies with the regulations of district R2b1. Its context is a heterogeneous building fabric, with an open apple lung.


Two volumes linked through the circulations are proposed, which intertwine and generate the desired porosity and spatiality, which challenge the projectual possibilities that are generated between the external visual tangent and the maximum constructive capacity, thus proposing multiple approaches and approaches to the play.



The proposal assumes to investigate the dialectic between preexistence and the new, between social and private (between public uses and private uses).


The first volume is coincident with the partition of the original construction. It intervenes as a bracing structure that solves the access hall and the multipurpose unit, which preserves the original height and maintains the relationship with the border constructions. It puts in value the original materials (and forms), which are complemented with those that are characteristic of the intervention carried out.


The posterior volume is neutral and pure in its external language, reaching the limit height of the zoning. It maximizes the lighting and ventilation that is obtained for the units. It incorporates some materials such as calcareous mosaics and wood cladding inside, which arranged in a non-traditional way, complicate their relationships, in a synergy between heritage and contemporary construction, to understand the work as a unit of multiple readings.



The building proposes to pass slowly the gradients of public-private relationship, proposing an access hall that links the multipurpose unit with commercial coworking or coffee destination. The ground floor and first level units acquire a certain degree of flexibility and allow to house professional studies or divisible mono environments.


The upper floors have larger habitat units, from duplexes with double heights that allow extensions and variations within the envelope. The circulation core allows access to the common terrace where social and recreational activities take place.


The intention of completely separating the back volume is part of a strategy that allows the proposed habitat units to obtain a front-counter-front relationship, which improves their quality, ventilation, lighting and more flexible arrangement.


Team :
Responsible for work: Arq. Mercedes Pérez Wodtke
Head of Project: Arq. Lucas Gorroño
Other Participants: Germán Capiello, Arq. Martin Giani, Catarina
Staric, Leonardo Pulzoni.
Structural: Ing. Pablo Lulkin
Photography: Arq. Federico Kulekdjian

1. Materials for Construction -Corralón Tramontana AST
2. Aserradero VAGOL
3. Toilets - San Martín
4. Concrete made -  ING. CASAS
7. Boilers - TRIANGULAR
8. Floors and Coatings - NOI ESTUDIO

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