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Varnika Components- contemplating archetypes

Squelette Design en tant que Architectes.

The common ambition of ‘Varnika Components’ was to design an engaging and appropriately scaled Industrial Infrastructure that esteem the purpose along with ephemeral climate and landscape.


And we found in our research by studying paradigm buildings in a context that the entire industrial estate having stereotypical P.E.B. Buildings, while the process industries going through should require a solid structure with eco-friendly material and a healthy working environment. The challenge was to design such calm and multifunctional spaces along with the elevation to disagree with the context and give a better infrastructure to Industries. Named on their company name Varnika was a capacitor production cartel.


By studying the site and its climatic analysis we simply visualized the building in three separate organizations of spaces nestle to each other. The entrance facing south has been designed by layering the office area and production area with a skin facade that helps to regulate heat and humidity. We firmly believe in designing the core, the skeleton of the edifice beautifully and functionally, which ultimately magnifies the aesthetics and elegance of the space in both ways, from the inside to outside and vice versa, leaving an unforgettable imprint in the person’s mind. The creation of coherent spaces and meticulous detailing is the key to the triumph of the project.


We design the structure and architecture very carefully to characterize some of the structural elements and make them part of a single entity. As we can say Landscape along with Architecture, Structure, and Interiors, becomes one entity. So whatever we design or locate should have better space and light quality. The tripled-height reception area with exposed R.C.C. walls as structural elements having hollow space in wall thickness by offsets and bevellings gives a distinctive profile from outside and a comfortable environment in even Ahmedabad's 45℃ temperature.


A purposive triple-height space connects the upper-level circulation passage and creates an interactive environment within the space. The connecting passage to the reception area layered from a passage to reduce the direct heat of the south and engender a pleasant temperature inside. The same passage is the entry to the office building and production area gives a snapshot of their product by using the real capacitors as a screen which forms idiosyncratic shadow patterns with respect to the time and sun positions. The elongated passage connects the office area and production area entry. The formation of elevation visualized as interlocking cubes with some vertical and horizontal structural element arrangements. The main M.D. office pops out as an individual cube cladded with laminated glass that opens to the landscape. The upper floor circulation passage discrete through brick jali by placing it in alternative arrangements. Brick as a sustainable material evaluates wholesome concepts and completes a visualized artifice facade.


The production area was designed as a flexible space that can accommodate all requirements of the production chain. We designed the connections in space which have multiple roles opening towards north and east accommodating North-East lights into space. The layout also explored incorporating courtyards in margins which would then seamlessly blend into their internal spaces.


Thinking as one entity the interiors follow and admiring the language of architecture and structure with minimal lines and subtle hues. A Sustainable materials palette to amalgamate wholesome design. Kota stones in a very distinctive pattern are used to bring down the temperature inside the office area. Walls painted with stucco enrich the concept and gives a contemporary minimal ambiance.  The office space is designed with a very informal approach, unusual for corporate culture yet fulfilling the demand of the space. The spaces visually integrate yet are functionally separated. The interiors are carefully crafted using wood, stone, glass, brass, and grey stucco; giving the whole space a very industrial feel.


Accommodating light and shadow play to interior spaces adds dramatic values and connection to architecture. The volumetric space was treated well to celebrate light, colors, and robust elements of architecture. Our idea was to blend minimalism and simplicity with the use of fresh colors to give a  contemporary touch. Also, since the contemporary orientations have less elemental and clean lines, they beautifully gave prestige to the interior space and context. Adding greens to the interior enlivens the ambiance.

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