UVA Sol De Oriente – Unidad De Vida Articulada

UVA Sol De Oriente – Unidad De Vida Articulada

Comuna 8, Barrio Sol de Oriente, Medellín, Colombia | View Map
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UVA Sol De Oriente – Unidad De Vida Articulada

Empresa de desarrollo urbano: EDU en tant que Association.


Articulated Units Life, UVA, are urban interventions in neighborhoods, intended for the public meeting, the promotion of sport, recreation, culture and community participation, under the concepts of:


Facilities that promote balance in services for the neighborhood and the city

• RECICLAJES of existing and unused

Revive urban spaces in public space restricted cash


Reframing the neighborhood landmarks as representative cityscape


Architectures that interact with the public, which generate experiences

UVA life articulated unit Sol de Oriente, is the transformation of an old neighborhood soccer field in sand located in the top of the slopes of Medellin, used intensively by all its inhabitants in different sports and community events. It is a strategic icon in the historical memory of its people, protective equipment and a strategic project of the Metropolitan Green Belt located in the master plan Cerro Pan de Azúcar, Comuna 8 of Medellin. This project was conceived from a collective construction by the ideas of citizens and embodied in imaginary workshops with a lingering interest to preserve the soccer field and its original measures, along with the opportunity to incorporate a range of various services to the community without leave aside their sporting traditions.

"We learned to listen to our main clients, the citizens"

From participation and community ideas a urban transformation emerge " to elevate" the existing soccer field and fold it to create a seats system which serves as a large square, a privileged public space opened 24 hours to people. Once elevated, an architectural program of services is inserted instead of; it goes from one to five new sports scenarios for citizen meeting, sports, fitness, dance hall, auditorium and playroom among others inserted in its place.

"An open architecture, where the act of approaching is friendly to citizens, pleasant transition spaces between the street and the depths of the building connected to the neighborhood daily."

This building is a volume in concrete specifically crossed in the middle by a neighborhood street that connects the existing health care center and surrounding houses. A series of vertical sun breakers are part of bioclimatic strategy for solar protection and building identity itself through color in their facades, crowned by a soccer field in synthetic turf of high quality for a popular neighborhood of Medellin, which replaces the polluting dust of the previous court, to become the new icon and referent sector. We have made public a reference architecture that dignify the poorest areas of the city.

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