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The multiplex cinema Utopolis is the new entrance to the centre of the Dutch city of Emmen. Those who approach the city from the N364 are confronted with the most dramatic corner of the cinema: the diagonally down-sloping underside of the theatres that hovers of a pool of water. The building also boasts of an extremely characteristic volume thanks to the variation of the spaces and forms of the theatres, seven in all. The entire structure is covered in a tight white 'skin', which changes continuously in appearance with the help of video projections. Altering light - via the sun, the moon or their artificial variations -- create a cinematic effect. Situated in the space between the volume and the ground are the entrance hall, the refreshment area and the foyers to the individual theatres.

Utopolis Cinema

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Approaching Emmen form the south-western direction, the centre is barely introduced by buildings. The cinema complex Utopolis of the DP6 architecture studio forms a new city entrance at the location. The seven showrooms are spacious and efficiently organized in a parallel projection. All the functions that are not dependent on daylight, are placed in a closed volume, that is provided with a tightened skin.

The entrance and the foyer are situated under the volume with cinema halls, both have an integral glass facade. The entree blends into a “controlled area” by the use of a dividing glass screen only. The differences in height of the ground floor and the different room sizes divine the organisation of the ground plan. The Cinema is located next to a parking space that is used by the North zoo Emmen during the day. The volume of white polyester stucco loses its sterility by the constantly changing projections that provide the colossus with light and images.

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