Usme Hybrid

Usme Hybrid

Juan Pablo Ortiz Arquitectos
Bogotá D.C., Colombia | View Map
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Usme Hybrid – Mixed-Use Public Building

Taller 301 en tant que Fabricants.

Bogotá has run out of space for urban settlements. Usme holds the remaining soil in the entire city and Metrovivienda has taken over these lands in order the plan a massive social housing development. As a lesson from previous projects, they realized that public facilities can help attract developers and eventually citizens, instead of constructing housing units that take time to occupy. Given the scarcity of the territory, the city is in desperate need for compact and dense projects which include different district entities and therefore activities. The programmatic diversity (education, recreation and culture), a complex topography and an irregular site required a simple and straightforward solution.

The Usme Hybrid is in the cornerstone of a city that is yet to come. For its foundation, project proposes a basic gesture: create two public crossings, north-south and east-west.

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